Jungle Adventure

Countdown to the release of The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure

We’re only a few days away until the worldwide release of The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack!

Jungle Adventure Game Pack comes out on February 27th. According to previous Game Pack release times this pack will come out at 7PM CET / 10AM PT / 6PM BT. We know how many of you get confused by the time zones so we’ve provided a countdown down below. Please note that it is usual for Game Packs to come out a few minutes early from the usual time frame that we’ve marked in this post so make sure you keep checking our Jungle Adventure News Category to be the first to know exactly when it comes out.

2018/02/27 19:00:00

Also, join us as we celebrate the launch LIVE on YouTube and give away a copy of The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure to one lucky winner!

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  • Seriously! It still pisses me off majorly that they say 27th worldwide! It will be the 28th here (australia)… they know this. why add the worldwide? So unfairrrr. Not our fault we in the future. What’s worse is that there are already livestreams everywhere, so why not actually release it 27th worldwide? At least be clear about the release times!

    • it is worldwide , its released in the same time everywhere, thats what worldwide means, if it was released a day earlier in Australia it wouldnt be worldwide. And no “you are not in the future” its just how time zones work . Feb 27 worldwide , means it will be released when the place where the company is located hits 00:00 in February 27. The whole word is not in time sync , because we use time zones to communicate time with each other.

      • Yo haha obviously I don’t actually think I’m in the future. I’m 25, not a 12 year old idiot. I’m making a point. I know what the term worldwide means. I’m obviously referring to the DATE. But thanks for explaining how the concept of time works -_- stating the *27th* worldwide is misguiding as fuck.

          • Yes, lets all censor ourselves because some random parent is too lazy to monitor what sites their child visits. Makes sense.

        • please don’t call 12 year old idiots and swear on here as noted little ones my see this and its not very nice to see that as a child

        • Chill, there’s no need to swear. There could be kids, chill out already. For 25 years old you’re acting like a 12 year old.

          • Actually acting like an australian. “swearing” is in our language. The adjective of that word is literally used to join every 3rd word in our sentences, so it is not foul to us at all. If children are on the internet, they’re going to see these words everywhere. It’s your job to educate and protect your own children. Snowflakes.

          • Would also like to add, that it was not “swearing” in that context. It’s how we talk. The fact that you’re actually offended by it in that context is ridiculous.

    • i know how you feel i woke up this moring thinging id get the new pack but their dates are very misleading truns out wont be avalible till 5am on the 28

    • Lol we live in te future haha. I do understand you, i would be angry too. Im from argentina and its 27 today. But just a coincidence, im sure they dont care what time is it here… that makes me think about xmen movie (dont know wich one) they went to “villa gessel, argentina” and that place WAS NOT villa gessell! Dont you have someone to verify those things? Yes they have, but just dont care!!

  • Wait.. I am officially confused. Its already available on amazon.co.UK? If its a worldwide release why do they get it before everyone else? If that’s the case shouldn’t Asia and Australia get it first? I’m in Australia too. Not an angry one but Australians seem to swear a lot lmao its all we hear over here. I was just going by this countdown but saw its out already in the uk!

    • i just bought it and its not downloading yet. Will auto start at the right time. Im confused with sims 4 though, sims 3 used to release theres at midnight the moment release day came none of this waiting around until 6pm lark. Im in the uk

      • Wow where did you buy it? I can’t find it on the Origin game Launcher and I am in the UK too. Even searching the Origin store doesn’t bring it up. :-(

        • Hey I’m UK too and its definitely not available here yet. I’m sure I accessed Cats and Dogs at 10am on the release date though.. none of this waiting around D: itching to play!

  • This is so dumb! Why release a game at the peak time of everyone being at home and online….

    I had to wait about an extra hour to buy and download the laundry day stuff last time because of this as origin page kept crashing coz of the traffic obviously…

    Also why say it comes out on 27/02/18 and let us have it at 7pm that night meaning 8-30ish gameplay depending on download speed/time etc, only to be able to play for a few hours before bed if you work.

    They should release it in the morning so people at home can get an early start and the workers can grab it in the eve when they get home and not have to fight through the web traffic.

    This is the only game company I have ever known to be released in on the eve o.O

    • The company headquarters is in the Pacific Time Zone, so the release time is 10 AM for them. So technically it IS a morning release. It’s all about perspective AND time zones! LOL

  • BT is not a time zone? If you mean the time in the UK, thats GMT or UTC. The time zone with a name closest to BT is BTT which is Bhutan time… It’s less confusing if you use the right codes. Or explain the codes within the post so younger people who don’t necessarily know what the codes mean can understand.

  • My silly self thought it was coming out on the 27th in my country (Australia,) so bummed that I have to wait a little longer. Oh well, I’m so hyped for the release!

  • Why isn’t the dlc up for pre-order like most of your games, Origin? BTW I’m an Aussie and don’t swear on this site. This is a game that many children look things up on obviously. I am 45 years old and am doing the same thing for my daughter…there’s other places for that language but it’s not here.

  • Your times make no sense…..at all. Does CET stand for Central Time? If so then it would not be 7pm…..if it releases at 10am Pacific standard time then that is 12pm central time and 1pm eastern……

  • I hate that I have to wait 2 more hours omg I woke up this morning thinking I’d be able to download it right away but I guess I played myself :(

  • Is Jungle Adventure going to cost $19.99? I’m out of money for January – I know, I should be able to wait one more day – but I could transfer $20.00 out of savings right now if Jungle Adventure costs $19.99. If it’s the $39.99 price, well, that will put a dent in my budget. Gosh, I hate being poor! Still, I don’t think I can’t wait one more day.

    My only concern is that I won’t be smart enough, lol, to figure out the ‘puzzles’ and ‘traps’ in the game. I’m a really left-brained person – creative writing rather than logic-based thinking, so if Jungle Adventure is too difficult, in this regard, for my wee brain, well, I guess I’ll be turning to YouTube for help.

  • F**King Hell my heart is beating so fast like 5 more minutes i thought that it would come out at 12am like at midnight like when other dlc comes out so i woke up early to get it and then i realized that there is a time and ive been here for 5 hours……….just looking at it watching DDLC and everything mostly watching the count down