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Getting Started in The Sims Mobile

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Getting Started in The Sims Mobile

Did you just install the highly anticipated game, The Sims Mobile, yesterday? Feeling a little lost? No worries, Sims Community is here with a quick rundown of how to get the ball rolling on your Sim’s first day in the mobile world.

After creating your Sim in CAS, your Sim will be introduced to their new home, which needs some fixing up. With time and simoleons, your Sim’s home will become the envy of all your friends, but for now, tidying up the place will do. After getting the living room in order, you’re introduced to a major component of The Sims Mobile; stories.

Getting Started in The Sims Mobile

Almost everything from relationships to career advancement is done through telling stories. You get just a small taste of this when you get to decide which room in your house to fix up next. I chose the bedroom.

Fixing up the bedroom allowed me to finish furnishing it, which is where collections are introduced. Many furnishings for your home are part of collections. Finishing collections and making other improvements to your Sim’s home adds to your Lifestyle score. Reaching higher Lifestyle levels allows you to make major improvements to the home, such as adding rooms and getting more land to build on.

Fixing up the house also raised my player level. Your player level is the most important level, since gaining new levels not only unlocks new areas, clothes and furnishings, but also unlocks new major game features, like parties, marriage, and children.

Once the home is looking presentable, Bella Goth will show up to welcome you to the neighbourhood and introduce your Sim to the mechanics of building relationships with other Sims. It’s not so different from making friends in The Sims 4, except for the events. Use social interactions until milestone events open up, then complete the event to reach a higher friendship status with that Sim.

Now that your Sim has a house and a potential new friend, it’s time to go hunt for a job. How else are you going to earn simoleons to turn your basic starter home into a magnificent estate? Head on over to Parkside and open up the cafe to get your first job as a barista. This is where you’ll get to see stories in action. The only story available is The Way of the Latte, but you’ll find that there will be many situations where you can choose from many different story options.

Starting The Way of the Latte story will hire your Sim as a barista at the cafe and you can begin your first shift. Remember the friendship event you did with Bella not long ago? Career events aren’t too different. Each shift your Sim does at work is an event. Your Sim will finish the event just fine on their own if you decide to go do something else for a while, but they’ll finish much faster with your help. Choose different options marked by the pink stars that pop up around the workplace to finish the event. When your Sim has done enough of these successfully, they’ll have enough confidence to try a risky action. Completing risky actions successfully gives your Sim a lot of stars towards their event progress to finish faster, but your Sim has a chance at failing these risky actions, too, so gauge odds of success carefully.

Completing a shift completed the current story chapter, promoted my Sim to level 2 of the barista career, and unlocked a new fridge for her to use at home. Let’s go home and place it to raise our Lifestyle score a little more.

After your Sim has their house, a job, and a few friends, you might be thinking “Now what?” That’s when your quests and daily task list will come in handy. Whenever you’re not sure what you should be doing next, refer to the quests and task list for direction on what to focus on that day. Your Sim will introduce you to these when you get back home from your first shift.

My Sim wanted to finish fixing up the house, so I went ahead and took care of that by restoring the run-down bathroom. Doing that completed a task on my task list which allowed me to collect a reward. Make sure to complete your task list every day to earn even better rewards.

And that’s it for getting started! After fixing up your new house, getting a job, and making a few friends, you’re all set up to explore the rest of the game. Pay attention to your quests, as these will allow you to progress in the game, but daily task lists are a great way to earn extra rewards and spend some time away from questing when you feel like it.

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