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The Sims Mobile: Quests and Daily Tasks

With so much to do and experience in The Sims Mobile, it can be hard for a beginner to figure out what to focus on to progress in the game. Lifestyle points, Izzy’s Fashion Shop, careers, relationships, heirlooms, where on earth do you even start?

The answer? Quests and daily tasks. Whenever you’re in doubt about what to do next, consult your quest log and daily task list. They’ll always point you in the right direction. Completing quests and daily tasks will help you progress further in the game, so whenever you find yourself not knowing what to do, always default to these.

Quests are what push your Sim’s life forward, so it’s best to focus on those, first, but it’s always a good idea to complete your daily tasks every day to get some cool rewards, like simoleons and cupcakes. Cupcakes replenish your Sim’s energy so they can do much more for much longer.

Access your quests and daily tasks by tapping the To-Do List and Quests icons in the bottom right corner of your screen. These screens will be your go-to throughout the entire game so be sure to return to these screens often. They’ll tell you exactly what you need to do next so you can never go wrong if you’re referring to your quests and daily tasks.

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or lost while playing The Sims Mobile, your quests and daily tasks will be there for you. They’ll point you exactly where you need to go so just follow their lead and both you and your Sims will be well on your way to success.

Oh, and did we mention completing quests and daily tasks will give you some pretty cool rewards? There’s that, too, so pull out your mobile devices and get questing!

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