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Getting Married in The Sims Mobile

What would a life simulation game be without a milestone as important as marriage?

At level 7, you’ll unlock the ability to get married. You’ll also get a quest to get married shortly after reaching level 7. Getting married in The Sims Mobile isn’t hard, but just like in other Sims games and in real life, you’ll need to spend some time building a meaningful relationship with another Sim.

Don’t worry if you’ve already started a non-romantic relationship story with the Sim you want to marry, you can still marry that Sim as long as you spend enough time doing romantic social interactions with that Sim.

After spending enough time being romantic with the Sim you want to marry, you’ll have the option to start a Proposal event in the Flirty interaction menu. The proposal event works the same way as any other relationship event. Perform event socials to fill the performance bar. Just like other events, your Sim will finish the event on their own, but you can help them finish faster.

When the Propose event is finished, your Sims will become engaged and you can get married under a wedding arch, but before getting married, you’ll need to complete the wedding collection in the Buy menu. The wedding collection consists of three items; Windowed Rose Lattice, Floral Pillar, and the Wedding Arch. You’ll need one of each to get married.

Once your Sims are engaged and you have the wedding decor set up, it’s time for the big event. If you’ve spent enough time playing with your Sims, you’ll have the ability to throw a wedding party, but don’t worry if the wedding party isn’t available to you, yet. The wedding party is optional; your Sims can still tie the knot without one.

After the vows have been said and the rings exchanged, your Sim’s new spouse will move in with your Sim if they don’t already live with your Sim.

Congratulations on your new marriage! We hope your Sims will be very happy together for the rest of their lives!

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I'm a 27-year-old author and Sims-addict based in Canada. I've been a diehard Simmer since it all started back in 2000 and I'll be focusing on providing you with some great tips and tricks to get the most out of your Simming experience here on SC. When I'm not Simming, I'm writing my next novel. To date, I've published The Heaven Corporation and am working on its sequel.


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  • I have a question. Do you need to actually buy a spot to age your baby to a toddler. Where you can spend $145 sim dollars to get a third playable sim. Do they count towards aging the baby up. I clicked ages up and went through all the event it said he aged up but he is still a baby and the age up event bar won’t even show up anymore. Highly confused and little bit upset.

    • My Sims had their first baby last night and today there was a birthday cake icon above his head. I tapped it and he immediately became a toddler. I didn’t have to buy another household slot for him. Your playable Sims will always be adults, so you can’t control your Sim’s kids, but they will live with you and your Sims can interact with them.

      I *believe* you’ll get the option to make a child a playable Sim when they age up to an adult, but I have not played that far into the game yet so I can’t say for sure.

      Make sure your Sims do lots of family events with their kids to improve their Good Upbringing trait. It will help them a lot as an adult.

  • Hey I am at the Fiance status , level 10 relationship, story – The fixer Upper . But there is no proposal option. What to do?

    • If you have the fiance relationship status with another Sim, you’ve already done the Proposal event. Purchase the Wedding collection in the Buy catalog in order to marry them via the wedding arch.

  • Why can’t I ask my Fiancé to move in. I’m at relationship level 10, but it says “No more room in the household”. I have 5 rooms and 2 beds.. where’s the problem?

    • I think it’s because you don’t have an open Sim spots, but I’m not entirely sure. You could try buying a new one and see if it let’s you

    • You can only have two Sims living in your household unless you purchase two more household slots with SimCash. If you already have another Sim living with your Sim in the house, you will not be able to move any other Sims into the household.

  • I got my Sims engaged and then married them and then later when I went into the game, they weren’t married! I’m not sure if it has to do with the fact that their relationship is lvl 8 and not 10 or if maybe it’s because I have both my open Sim spots full, but I’d really like to know why I can’t keep them married

    • I’ve had the same problem twice, they weren’t even engaged anymore after that. It could also be a bug in the game since some other progress also disappeared when I played yesterday, but I’m not sure.

      • Exactly the same thing with me!! I have a “roommate” and she was able to maintain her marriage status but for my other sim, the relationship status always reverts back to the level that they’re on with their love interest

        • Same issue here, has happened 3 times. I’m guessing it’s because I don’t have empty room in my house and already have two sims maybe.

    • Check your network connection. A weak network connection can contribute to lost game progress. The Sims Mobile saves automatically every few minutes or so, but if your Internet signal is weak, it may not save properly. This has happened to me while playing through a party event. Make sure you’re connected to a strong network to avoid losing progress.

  • Hi me and my girlfriend play this game and we have 2 different relationships. I’m married to her level 10 but finished as my bff but it won’t let her move in with me because the game says there’s no more room in the household. Can I move her in?

  • Hi, my sim is at soulmate level 10 with another sim but the propose mission doesn’t pop up. Do you know why that might happen?

    • Try selecting Other Options at the bottom of the social menu when talking to that Sim, then select the Flirty category. The game will show you the most relevant socials by default, but it’s not very smart at knowing which socials are the best to use, especially if you have a friendship story with the Sim you want to marry and not a romance story.

  • I wanna ask the Sim of my friend in real life to move into my house. Does that mean he will lose his Sim character? What will happen to my career and his career?

    • I have not experienced this situation myself. My Sim married the second Sim I created when the game prompted me to make a roommate for her, but reports from other players seem to suggest that if you try to move a Sim played by another player into your house, the other player will need to approve the request. If the other player approves the request, their Sim will move into your house but the other player will lose that Sim.

      Your Sim’s career should stay intact, but I’m not certain if the other player’s Sim will retain their career if they move in with your Sim.

      • Hi, is there any way to divorce? My sim married another players sim and that player seems to have stopped playing…I’m stuck with a husband I can’t get to move in! 🙁

        • I’d love to see an answer to this too. My sim married another’s sim, they had a kid and she’s basically raising her kid as a single mom because she can’t her husband to move in. The other player hasn’t ok’d the move in, I guess…

        • Yes, once married, a Divorce event should be available in the Mean category. If it doesn’t show up for you, tap Other Options and select the Mean category. If it is not there, spend some time doing mean interactions with your spouse and it should pop up. I had a married couple in the Tainted Love story and they fought constantly. Divorce was an event option for me.

  • Is there a way to remove a sim from the household? Or create a new household. Forgive me I’m entirely new so I am not sure if this is possible.

    • I’m pretty sure you CANNOT create new households, however, to delete a Sim, you must play with them until they’re ready to retire. Another method to get rid of the Sim is if a friend asks your Sim to move into their house.

    • You cannot create new households. The game is designed to be played with only one household over many generations. It is definitely tailored to legacy-style players, not rotational players. If you have adult children who have not been made playable, you can move them out by just selecting Move Out in the family portrait. If the Sim you wish to move out is already a playable Sim in the household, you’ll have to play them into old age to retire them, which will make them unplayable and free up a household slot.

  • When you unlock a 3rd spot for a playable sim does it automatically go into sim creation or can you leave it empty so that your spouse can makeover in?

    • You can leave it empty. I purchased a third household slot and have left it empty for quite a while now because I can’t decide which of the children I want to take over.

  • Ugh…..5 times now when I either get engaged or married, it reverts back like it never happened. Usually overnight or just a couple hours of having the game off. I’ve seen this issue on multiple websites from people. I wonder what the deal is. It’s not a Wifi issue because all my other progress saved just fine. And my Wifi is uber strong.

    • I’ve heard multiple reports about this issue but unfortunately, I don’t have a fix for it since I haven’t experienced it myself. You can get technical support for the game by going into your settings and opening up the Help tab. You’ll be able to request that an EA Advisor call you on the phone or email you to help you work through the problem.

  • Excuse me. A friend of mine married my sim and I agreed to let my sim move in with her but for some reason after the character creation menu that shows my character, my character isn’t in her household. Neither was my character in mine. Even the family portrait in her house changed into something that looked like a castle. Is this some sort of bug?

    • If you can’t find the Sim in either of your households, that sounds like a bug to me. Does your friend see your Sim wandering around the lot or are they just not there at all? It’s possible the Sim moved in, but you have to make them playable via the family portrait. The family portrait changing to a castle does sound strange, though.

      If my suggestion isn’t helpful, try restarting both your games and if the problem persists, contact support. You can get help from an EA Advisor by going into the game’s settings and selecting the Help tab. You can choose to have an EA Advisor call you on the phone or email you to help you resolve the problem.

  • Hi, I’m in level 10 relationship and I can’t propose to my boyfriend in a soulmates story. I bought the arch but idk how it’s not working. Any suggestions?

  • Booth my sims have been married, but their husbands do not appear in the family portrait (they have children to, and they appear in the portrait). My daughter plays too, and once her sims got married, their husbands appeared in the portrait. Why are mine not visible in the portrait??

    • Your daughter may have married an NPC (a Sim generated by the game and not created by another player). If you married a Sim that belongs to another player, you need to send that player a move in request to have your spouse move in and show up on the family portrait. The other player can refuse your request, though. If they accept, they lose their Sim and their Sim becomes your Sim.

      Marrying an NPC or a Sim you created yourself avoids this issue entirely. They’ll move in automatically and show up on the portrait.

      While you can move in Sims, you can’t make them playable unless you have a free household slot and promote them in the family portrait.

  • Im at level 10 of a romantic relationship story, we’re soulmates already but the propose option wont come up? Ive looked thru all the friendly/flirty/rival options and its just not there. restarted the game as well. is there a way the fact that the other sim im trying to marry is another player’s and is retired? also both sims are male (maybe thats the problem?? sigh)

    • Sims of the same gender can get married and adopt children. They just can’t have biological children together. The issue may be that the other Sim is retired. Only adults can become playable Sims. Babies, toddlers, children, and elders cannot be made playable.

      Unfortunately, I’ve never tried to marry a retired Sim so I can only guess that this may be the problem.

  • My sim is engaged to a man, it says fiancé under his name. I have all pieces of the wedding collection, and we are level 10. But when I go to the arch, it says my sim isn’t engaged. But she is! Can somebody please offer their time to help me? If appreciate it 🙂

  • I have a level 10 missed connection relationship but I don’t have the option to propose or have them move in. What can I do to make this happen?

    • The Missed Connection story is a friendship story, not a romance story. The game is likely showing you friendly events and socials by default. Go to More Options in the social menu and select the Flirty category. Do romantic events and socials with the Sim until Propose shows up in the Flirty category.

  • My sims are engaged and I’m working on the marriage quest trying to complete the “Do you take this menu” event but it doesn’t appear when I click their partner as an event. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

    • Mine wouldn’t appear either. I had to click on my partner, scroll down through more options and I think I found it under the flirty option. Also try switching the sim that you begin with. So if you start with sim A and click on sim B, now try beginning with sim B and clicking on sim A.

  • My sims got married a few days ago. I completed the wedding quest and everything. A few days later, today, I am able to throw another party and I was hoping to throw a wedding party but it says neither of my sims got married this week. How do I throw them a wedding party?? Anything helps! Thank you!

    • Unfortunately, you can only throw a wedding party the week of your Sim’s wedding. The game resets the week every Sunday, I believe. So if your Sim’s got married on a Saturday IRL and you couldn’t throw another party until Monday because you already hosted a party that week, you’ll miss out on the chance to throw a wedding party.

  • I haven’t been playing the Sims for a few days and I missed the wedding quest and there’s no option to re-propose. What should I do if that happens?

  • I wasn’t able to play the Sims for a while and I missed the wedding quest. There’s no option to re-propose. What should I do if that happens.

  • Playing Sims Mobile. My SIM married an NPC. They have a level 10 relationship. I’ve asked him to move in, but he hasn’t.