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Getting Married in The Sims Mobile

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What would a life simulation game be without a milestone as important as marriage?

Getting Married in The Sims Mobile

At level 7, you’ll unlock the ability to get married. You’ll also get a quest to get married shortly after reaching level 7. Getting married in The Sims Mobile isn’t hard, but just like in other Sims games and in real life, you’ll need to spend some time building a meaningful relationship with another Sim.

Don’t worry if you’ve already started a non-romantic relationship story with the Sim you want to marry, you can still marry that Sim as long as you spend enough time doing romantic social interactions with that Sim.

After spending enough time being romantic with the Sim you want to marry, you’ll have the option to start a Proposal event in the Flirty interaction menu. The proposal event works the same way as any other relationship event. Perform event socials to fill the performance bar. Just like other events, your Sim will finish the event on their own, but you can help them finish faster.

Getting Married in The Sims Mobile

When the Propose event is finished, your Sims will become engaged and you can get married under a wedding arch, but before getting married, you’ll need to complete the wedding collection in the Buy menu. The wedding collection consists of three items; Windowed Rose Lattice, Floral Pillar, and the Wedding Arch. You’ll need one of each to get married.

Once your Sims are engaged and you have the wedding decor set up, it’s time for the big event. If you’ve spent enough time playing with your Sims, you’ll have the ability to throw a wedding party, but don’t worry if the wedding party isn’t available to you, yet. The wedding party is optional; your Sims can still tie the knot without one.

Getting Married in The Sims Mobile

After the vows have been said and the rings exchanged, your Sim’s new spouse will move in with your Sim if they don’t already live with your Sim.

Congratulations on your new marriage! We hope your Sims will be very happy together for the rest of their lives!

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