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The Sims Mobile: Giving and Receiving Stickers

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If you’ve been playing The Sims Mobile for a little while, you might have noticed that you can give out stickers to some of the Sims you meet around town, but what purpose do they serve?

The Sims Mobile: Giving and Receiving Stickers

Stickers are a small aspect of the game, but a fun one, nonetheless. They’re a great way to earn Fashion Gems to redeem at Izzy’s Fashion Shop. Every day, you’ll get a task to give out three stickers in your To-Do List which will reward you with 2 Fashion Gems when completed. Participating in Weekly Sticker Contests will also give you Fashion Gems to spend at Izzy’s Fashion Shop. Don’t worry about running out of stickers; you’ll get new ones every day when you log in, so don’t be afraid to be generous with your stickers.

Not all Sims can be given stickers. You can only give stickers to Sims who belong to other players. Game-generated townies cannot be given stickers. It’s easy to tell the difference; Sims made by other players will have a blue plumbob above their heads. These Sims can both give and receive stickers.

Parties are a great place to go on a sticker-giving spree because there will be lots of Sims dressed up in their best outfits in one place, but you can give stickers to Sims absolutely anywhere; at work, around town, walking past your house, you name it. If you ever run into a player-made Sim that you think looks really cool, go ahead and give them a sticker.

Giving stickers is fairly straight forward, but how do you receive stickers? You won’t be able to tell when someone gives you a sticker, but when you log in the next day, you’ll get to see any stickers that other players gave your Sims the previous day. This is a good setup because sticker-giving is anonymous. This means that stickers can’t be used as currency or bartering tools. They are given solely out of the kindness of other players’ hearts.

The Sims Mobile: Giving and Receiving Stickers

The best way to get stickers is to attend lots of parties and to stand out from the crowd. You don’t necessarily have to spend lots of SimCash on premium clothes, but you should be updating your look frequently and utilising any clothing pieces you’ve acquired from Izzy’s Fashion Shop. Pay attention to the theme of the Weekly Sticker Events; if the theme is retro, do your best to make your Sims’ style fit that theme for the week. You’re more likely to get stickers from other Sims if you’re keeping your wardrobe unique while fitting in with the week’s theme.

The Sims Mobile: Giving and Receiving Stickers

Don’t forget; stickers mean Fashion Gems. Fashion Gems mean more cool clothes from Izzy. More cool clothes from Izzy means more stickers. Stickers mean… well, you get the pattern. It’s all one big trendy circle, so get out there and start impressing your fellow players with your cutting edge style. Remember to give out lots of stickers, too.

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