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The Sims Mobile: Switching to a New Career

When you reach the top of a 10-level career and finish its story, you’ll receive a quest to switch to a new career. Changing careers allows your Sim to explore new interests, unlock new objects, and play through a new story.

Changing careers is a simple process, but you’ll need some simoleons in your pocket and at least one other career venue unlocked.

Send your Sim to a new career venue and tap the pink icon inside the venue. Then choose the career story it offers you, just like you would to start a new career for the first time. Since your Sim already has a career, a confirmation screen will pop up, asking you if you’d like to leave that career to join this new one. It costs some simoleons to switch careers, but if you have the funds, you can accept the change.

Ta-da! Your Sim has left their old career behind and started a brand new career!

Your Sim will start at level 1 of their new career, no matter what level they were at in their previous career. Any story progress from your Sim’s previous career will be saved when you switch careers. This means if you decide this new career isn’t right for your Sim after all, they can return to their old career without having to start from the bottom again. They’ll pick up where they left off.

Don’t be afraid to hop around to different careers with a single Sim. Your Sims have room to explore different career paths since career progress stays preserved after switching careers. Reach level 10 in several careers with a single Sim if you’d like, or just play through the first couple story chapters in several careers until you find the perfect fit.

Just don’t forget to have some simoleons on hand when you want to switch careers.

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  • If you Have a sim switch to a career another sim has started do you remain where that sim was or start new. I want to retire my sim but He has 1 chapter to finish the career. If I retire him and have the new sim work there will he start where the previous sim was or at the beginning?