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The Sims Mobile: Building Relationships with Your Friends’ Sims

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Building relationships and getting married is simple in The Sims Mobile… as long as the Sim you’re wooing is an NPC.

But what happens when the Sim you’ve got your heart set on belongs to another player?

The Sims Mobile: Building Relationships with Your Friends’ Sims

Relationship Stories

You’ll be relieved to know that building a regular friendship with your friend’s Sim isn’t too different from befriending other Sims. You can choose a relationship story and play through friendship events like normal. The only difference is that your friend will receive a message in their inbox whenever you reach a new friendship level with their Sim. You’ll also receive a message in your inbox whenever someone else befriends your Sim.

Just because your Sim is best friends with your friend’s Sim, that doesn’t necessarily mean their Sim is best friends with you. Relationships with other players’ Sims only go one way. You and your friend can have completely different relationship statuses between your Sims at the same time.

The Sims Mobile: Building Relationships with Your Friends’ Sims

Moving In

You need to be at level 8 in your relationship story with another Sim before you can ask them to move in. You can’t ask a Sim to move in if you have no available household slots.

When you ask a friend’s Sim to move in, your friend will receive a request. If they accept your request, their Sim will leave their household and join yours. Your friend will lose control of their Sim when this happens. When you ask a friend’s Sim to move in with you, you are essentially asking your friend to transfer ownership of their Sim to you.

If you accept a request to send your Sim to your friend’s house and have no Sims left in your household, you’ll be taken to the CAS screen. A notification will inform you that a long lost cousin has come to live in the home. You’ll be able to customise this Sim to your liking just like any other Sim.

The Sims Mobile: Building Relationships with Your Friends’ Sims


You aren’t limited to just being buds with your friends’ Sims. You can marry them as well. If you do not have a free household slot, your friend’s Sim won’t move into your home after marriage. Unlike other relationship titles, the fiance/e title goes both ways. Your friend’s Sim will become your Sim’s fiance/e in their game as well.

Your Sim’s spouse can be asked to move in after you have a free household slot. Remember, the relationship must be at level 8 and moving in your friend’s Sim will cause them to lose control of their Sim.


There have been numerous reports of glitches surrounding marrying and moving in other players’ Sims. Some players have reported lost relationship progress between Sims when trying to propose or get married. Others report a situation in which the Sim being moved in disappears from both households.

For this reason, players may prefer to marry and move in NPCs, instead. Friendships with other players’ Sims may still be pursued as normal.

Thank you to our reader, Erick, for providing some helpful information about building relationships with other players’ Sims.

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