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The Sims Mobile: Aging and Earning Traits

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If you were one of the lucky few who got to play The Sims Mobile before its worldwide launch, you’ll notice that there have been some big changes to aging and traits. Previously, Sims aged on their own each day that you logged in and you chose their traits in CAS. Things are very different now, so let’s break down the aging process and traits.

Playable Sims

Your playable Sims (Sims that take up a household slot) age as you play with them. They age according to their life experience. Completing events and story chapters will slowly age your Sim. When your Sim reaches a new age milestone, you’ll be prompted to pick a new trait for them. Sims can have up to four traits. Being able to select your Sim’s traits as they go through life allows you to cultivate their personality according to their actions and decisions in the game. You aren’t required to lock in their personality right away in CAS. Not all traits are available from the start of the game. Play through multiple generations and retire older Sims to unlock new heirlooms and traits.

The Sims Mobile: Aging and Earning Traits

Don’t forget to throw a birthday party for your Sims when they earn a new trait. That’s right, every new trait earned represents a birthday. Your Sims will not grow old from having a birthday. Birthdays are a way to celebrate your Sim earning a new trait and gaining more life experience.

Some time after your Sim gains their fourth trait, they’ll let you know that they’re ready to retire. Retiring your Sim will cause them to grow old and leave the active household, but they will remain on the lot as NPCs until you decide to move them out in the family portrait. If you’re not ready to retire your Sim yet, you can choose to retire them later. You can keep your Sims adults forever this way; however, it’s not recommended. The rewards you earn from retiring Sims and playing through many generations make the game easier for future generations of Sims. Not retiring your Sims means missing out on these powerful rewards.

Your younger Sims can benefit from having retired Sims in the house as well. Retired Sims have special family events where they can mentor your adult Sims in their hobbies and careers.

Retired Sims do not die. When you’re ready to say goodbye to a retired Sim for good, move them out in the family portrait.


Children age differently from adult Sims. They age naturally over time. When your Sim has a baby, the baby will stay in its bassinet for about a day. When the baby is ready to age up, you will see a blue birthday cake icon above the bassinet. Tap the bassinet to age your baby into a toddler.

The Sims Mobile: Aging and Earning Traits

Toddlers will age up after a few days. When they are ready to grow older, they will also have a blue birthday cake icon above their heads. Tap it to age your toddler into a child.

Children do not go to school, but babies, toddlers, and children all have daily family events their parents can do with them. Complete a family event with your Sim’s child to give them the Good Upbringing trait. Continue completing family events with your Sim’s child daily to strengthen this trait. The Good Upbringing trait makes Sims better at all events as adults.

Children will age up after a few days as well. Just like babies and toddlers, they will have a blue birthday cake icon above their heads when they’re ready to grow up. Tap the birthday cake icon to age your child into an adult. There is no teen life stage in The Sims Mobile.

The Sims Mobile: Aging and Earning Traits

Children and younger Sims cannot be made playable, but when a child becomes an adult, you can make them playable in the family portrait by promoting them. You must have a free household slot to promote your Sim’s adult child. Retire older Sims to make room for your fully grown children to take the reins. If you have fully grown children you do not want to keep in the house, you can move them out in the family portrait.

Adult Sims who were raised from babies will have the Good Upbringing trait in addition to the four traits they will earn throughout their lives.

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