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The Sims Mobile: Choosing A Hobby

Your Sim might be the star of their workplace, but even the most work-obsessed Sims need a hobby. Hobbies are the perfect opportunity for your Sims to explore a new interest outside of their careers.

Hobbies are unlocked at level 8. After reaching level 8, your Sim will inform you that they’d like to try their hand at the Cooking hobby. The Cooking hobby is the only hobby available to you at level 8. Continue leveling up to unlock more hobbies.

To start a new hobby, open up the home catalog and select Hobby Collections. Browse through these collections and place down a hobby object. You’ll notice that most of the items in the Hobby Collections are locked. Place the basic hobby object that is available to you and play through the hobby to unlock nicer hobby objects and decor that will help you finish hobby events more easily.

After placing a hobby object, select it to have your Sim start that hobby. Sims can only have one hobby and only one Sim in the household can have that hobby. Two or more Sims cannot share the same hobby at the same time, so make sure you select your Sims’ hobbies carefully.

Advance in the hobby by completing hobby events. Finishing hobby story chapters will reward you with better hobby objects, which will help your Sims finish their hobby events faster. Make sure you place all the unlocked hobby objects you can to help future generations of Sims excel in that hobby more easily than their ancestors did.

You can track your hobby progress at any time by going into your Sim’s info panel. Tap the question mark icon on your Sim’s hobby to get a quick summary from your Sim about how things are going with their hobby.

What’s your favourite hobby in The Sims Mobile?

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  • I have the stove for the cooking hobby, but it won’t let me start it. It says choose it later. What do I do?

    • Do you already have a Sim in the cooking hobby? Does your Sim already have another hobby? Sims can only have one hobby and multiple Sims in the household can’t have the same hobby at the same time.

      For example, I can have one Sim in the yoga hobby and my other Sim in the guitar hobby, but I can’t have them both doing the same hobby. I also can’t have my Sim in the guitar hobby start the yoga hobby because he’s already in the guitar hobby.

  • when a sim retires, does his/her hobby progress saved? if our new sim takes over the hobby, he/she will have to start from zero again?