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The Sims Mobile: Relationship Stories

One powerful feature that makes The Sims Mobile stand out from its PC counterpart is relationship stories. These stories allow for a greater variety of relationships between Sims, making each one unique. No longer are relationships just an endless cycle of joke, chat, chat, kiss, woohoo, propose. Each relationship in The Sims Mobile has its own story to tell.

But what are relationship stories exactly and how do they work?

When you meet a new Sim and spend a short amount of time socialising with them, you’ll be able to start one of three events; you can choose to start a friendship event, a date event, or a rival event. If you don’t see the kind of event you want in the social menu, select More Options, then select the appropriate category. The date event is in the flirty category, the friendship event is in the friendly category, and the rival event is in the rival category.

The initial event is short and easy to finish using your Sim’s energy. After the event is completed, you’ll be able to choose from a number of relationship stories to tell. Completing the date event will let you pick between several romance stories. Completing the friendship event will let you pick between several friendship stories. Completing the rival event will let you pick between several rival stories. Don’t worry too much about the long-term complications of picking the wrong type of story. You don’t have to be in a romance story with a Sim to marry them and you’re not locked into marrying a Sim you’re in a romance story with.

When you’ve selected the story you want to tell, a dialogue sequence will play for the first chapter of that story. Continue building the relationship to open up new story events and play through new story chapters.

You can check your story progress at any time by going into your Sim’s info panel. Tap the question mark icon on that story to get a quick summary from your Sim about where you are in that story.

Finishing stories isn’t just fun; it’s rewarding, too. Completing story chapters unlocks new items for your Sims.

Want a breakdown of all the stories you’ve completed so far with your Sims? Go into your Sim’s info panel and select All Stories.

What’s your favourite relationship story in The Sims Mobile?

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  • Am I able to change my sim story? I didn’t realize this when I started and would have picked different. Can I choose a new story after I complete the first one I chose?

    • No, once you’ve selected a relationship story, you’re locked into it. You can’t switch later, but this doesn’t have an effect on the game at large. My Sim started a friendship story with her roommate, but later ended up marrying him and having children with him. 🙂

      • hi, my sim has rival relationship but he can’t propose/being married to her even though he has already been in relationship level 4, while I already being in level 27. I also read in other article that other non-romantic relationship can still propose and marry by choosing propose in flirty options just like you said, but mine can’t. do you have any idea? thankyouu

  • Hi, how can I unlock some other relationship stories? I only have a few to choose from, but if I check the info panel I see a lot more. How can I start those?