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Quarterly Teaser for The Sims 4 are NOT happening for April – June 2018

EA_Mage has just confirmed that there won’t be a quarterly teaser for upcoming Sims 4 content for the period of April to June 2018. Considering that quarterly teasers were a concept created by SimGuruDrake who left The Sims Team a few weeks ago we still yet have to find out if Quarterly Teasers will continue in July 2018 or not.

However, we did get a confirmation that there are some exciting news that’ll be revealed really soon and that The Sims Team is working on some great stuff.

Hello all,

This quarter we will not be releasing a teaser.

Although, there will not be a new Sims Quarterly Teaser, stay tuned as we have some exciting news to share with you soon. The good news: we’re working on some great stuff!

Thank you for your patience and keep an eye on the forums and other official Sims channels for more info as it becomes available.


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