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The Sims Mobile’s Hot Tub Glitch Fix brings even more Glitches

In case you don’t know, The Sims Mobile has released a mini update yesterday, which seems to have address the weird Hot Tub Glitch that was present for the last few days.

However, the update brought a ton of new animation glitches when performing all sorts of risky actions. Those include doing risky actions with other Sims in Relationship events:

…completing the Cooking Hobby:

…and a few more risky actions that you’ve probably encountered in the game.  There’s also an issue in the game where toddlers are completely invisible and you can only interact with them through event tasks.

We’ll let you know once The Sims Mobile addresses these issues!

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  • The cooking hobby is even more amazingly broken than you think! Sometimes the game will have the “Prepare Complex Dish” risk on the Microwave… which causes your Sim to literally explode into a mess of pixels.

  • I’m sorry to say how much these glitches made me laugh… it must suck for any one actually trying to play the game though. Hopefully they fix the glitches soon!

  • Hmm. My game just started giving flirty options after every friendly introduction at a party.. So, my Sim wants to now flirt with everyone, instead of just talk. Welp. 😛

  • I have a glitch-if you could call it that- where it looks like I have a lot of sim cash but when I try to spend any of it ,it sais I don’t have enough. It can get super annoying when you can’t see how much simcash you really have. Anyone got any solutions or has at least dealed with a similar glitch? :\