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The Sims Mobile: New Update + Patch Notes! (April 17th, 2018)

The Sims Mobile Team has released a brand new update for the game, adding new features, clothing and a whole new career to the game!

Version 10.0.0

Hey Simmers,

Welcome to our first ever Patch Notes for The Sims Mobile!

We’ve heard your request for Patch Notes and we’re eager to begin sharing more updates on new features and improvements being made to the game. Below is a highlight of several exciting updates happening in Version 10.0.0, now available for download!

Note: If you are not seeing the Update in the iOS App Store, please try going to your Updates tab and pull to refresh the page.

New Limited Time Event
Express your style with The Sims Mobile and ASOS! From April 19 – May 2, you can participate in the ASOS Fashion Show and become a fashionista. Unlock the ASOS Spring Collection for your Sims, and score a discount for!

New Career
Within the ASOS Fashion Show, unlock and build your Sims’ camera skills with the new Photography career.

More Events at Venues
We’ve expanded the number of relationship events available outside your Sims’ home. You can even take occasional Field Trips to venue locations you haven’t unlocked yet!

Sticker Hub
You can now see how many stickers each Sim has earned during the given week via the new Sticker Hub. Just go to the Sim Info panel and tap on the Sticker tab. More stickers means more Izzy Tokens!

Other Improvements

  • The Quests Menu has been given a makeover and it should now be easier to distinguish limited time quests.
  • Like foliage? You’re in luck! New trees and plants are now available for home decoration.
  • Optimizations around saving the game and reducing the amount of lost progress.

Key Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where players were not receiving their items from store purchases
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect Sim was being displayed on Event collection
  • Fixed several graphical corruption issues, including during risky actions
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to move objects while trying for a baby
  • Fixed a variety of interactions where child Sims were being stretched
  • Fixed an issue where parties were recommending the incorrect careers to players
  • Fixed an issue with babies not appearing in the crib or being interacted with
  • Fixed an issue where Sims could not be retired via the Sim Info panel
  • Overall dozens of other bug fixes and polish improvements

Thanks for reading, and all your continued support of The Sims Mobile!


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  • Thank you for the updates, I have IOS and have done the update and I am having trouble loading the game now, I have uninstalled twice and restarted my iPad, I was able to get on last night for 30 minutes and less than a minute today, please fix this soon, thank you for your time.

  • Says Your device isn’t compatible with this version.
    Now I can’t play the game since it won’t update and when you launch the game the UPDATE button is there.

    FIX it PLEASE!
    Device is a LG G6