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Maxis & The Sims are far from over, according to the EA Careers Website

After our recent report that EA is laying off some of their veteran employees working at Maxis, it seems that new positions have opened up on the EA Careers website, talking offering opportunities to work on The Sims 4, “The Sims”, The Sims Mobile and Maxis’ yet-to-be-announced HD & Mobile titles. Here are the current openings on their website, with a highlight on certain aspects mentioned on each career opportunity that talk about the present and the future of The Sims and Maxis in general.

In case you don’t know (and you’ll need this information as it’s going be mentioned a few times in the listings below), HD titles are PC titles and Mobile titles, are, well, mobile titles.

Director, Analytics – Maxis

You will manage our team of analysts to improve gameplay and product performance, as well as support business planning and strategy for the studio.    You will support multiple products, from currently live titles like The Sims 4, The Sims Mobile, and yet unannounced major HD and mobile game launches.

Senior Brand Manager, HD Product & Brand Lead – Maxis

The Maxis Marketing team is looking for a dynamic, highly motivated Senior Brand Manager to serve as the Maxis Marketing HD Product & Brand Lead for The Sims and shape the future of a world-renowned, interactive entertainment brand that has entertained hundreds of millions of people around the globe for more than eighteen years. There will also be opportunities to manage other famous Maxis brands such as SimCity in this role and Maxis-wide initiatives such as Brand Partnerships.

System Designer (Contract) – Maxis

As a System Designer on The Sims, you’ll be working with a large (but tight-knit) team of enthusiastic industry professionals from all walks of life. Your job will be to design and create user-facing content for the Sims using our internal scripting tools.


EA is also looking for a new Global Community Mananger for The Sims – a position which was previously ran by SimGuruDrake.

Considering that there’s talks for both announced titles (The Sims 4, The Sims Mobile), and unannounced titles (“The Sims”, unannounced major HD and Mobile releases), as well as the fact that they’re looking into completely changing their marketing strategy and shaping the future of Maxis, it seems that The Sims, and Maxis in general, are far from over.

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  • That may be, but the current version is over based on the content and lack of educated support. They’ll need to develop an entirely new product.

  • analytics, my brother is a skilled analytic subcontractor, 6 figure. Well, this means he data crunches the staff and this isn’t the end of the fireings, you sims developers better shape up. The Sims 5, should have been rolled out by 2018 christmas. 4 those of us who are HD enthusiast gamers I can tell the future and my brother is just a dull business major

  • They probably fired the veteran employees because they made too much money and didn’t want to end up paying for their retirements.

    • I fell like ther will start working on TS5 this year ! But if that is true than dont expect it in the enxt three years ! Mayby in 4 years we get the announcement and in 5 we get to play it

  • While this is great and everything, I don’t think that anyone was worried about The Sims franchise AS A WHOLE ending. I think that simmers are worried about the PC part of things being fizzled out in favor of expanding more into the mobile and console markets. And I’m not seeing anything here to allay concerns. Are we 100% sure that “HD titles” refer to the main core base games; ie, continued packs for Sims 4 and development of Sims 5? Or can “HD titles” mean that they remaster Sims 1 and 2 and call it a day? Which, let’s be honest, would be amazing; but not at the expense of future PC games.

    • HD Titels mean PC basegames or PC Spin offs you knew :) Tehr wont remaste rSIms 1 and 2 becaus basicly each simgame is an Remaster

  • Okay so… they are not giving up on The Sims 4 !
    But as you can see in this statement, they said ”the new unannounced sims game” so many times.
    I think they are working on a remastered version of The Sims (so it’s gonna be called The Sims), or The Sims 5 !
    We don’t know, but sure we are shook.

  • Please very please make the sims 3 a good optimized game! like the sims 4 you know? The sims 3 i’ts so bad optimized and you guys know it

    Sorry for bad english i’m brazilian :v