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The Sims Mobile: Issue with time not passing away and how to fix it


Plenty of Simmers, us included, are experiencing a weird issue in The Sims Mobile where the time won’t pass for events after closing the app.

For example, I gave my Sims some events to finish before going to bed. After checking the app in the morning I noticed that the energy bar hasn’t been refilled and that all of the events I gave my Sims to complete haven’t progressed even one bit. On top of all that the ASOS Fashion Events unlock period seemed to be doubled down, leaving me to wait more than 10 hours for the ASOS Marketing Campaign Pitch Event to be unlocked, among other events which were doubled in waiting times.

However, there is a temporary solution to this problem. Here’s how you can solve it on both Android and iOS:


Go to App Settings, find The Sims Mobile and select the Force Stop option to end all background actions ran by The Sims Mobile. Opening The Sims Mobile again after doing this will result in time going back to normal.

You can also stop the application process by going into the recently opened apps menu and swiping The Sims Mobile left / right.


For iOS devices just double click on the home button, find The Sims Mobile app (if you’ve recently used it) and swipe up to close it completely.

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