The Sims 4 Seasons: SimGuruGrant Confirms Snow has No Depth

SimGuruGrant, the lead producer on The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack has finally addressed the talk about snow depth in this pack, confirming our suspicion that there is no actual depth for snow.

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      • yea i hope a modder comes by and fixes the mess that they create. ugh such a dissapointment.. as always.. They did snow depth in TS3 why not in TS4?!?!? Stupid creators they are lazy as fuck sigh

          • For real. Half of the sims fan base is so spoiled from past games that they don’t know how to act when a new one isn’t what they want. It’s SNOW. DEPTH. And they’re making up for this with LOTS OF OTHER THINGS TO MAKE IT GREAT!

            And as he said. Try to make a game, NOT MOD a game because you have the coding know-how, or even maybe that + connections with someone with models or etc, A WHOLE GAME. Try that then.

  • Why is it always “we rather focus on something else”???
    Can we have an expansion pack that actually expands this game for once? Sims 2/3 had snow depth AND details/good gameplay. Why do they have to pick only one for TS4?

    • They aren’t expanding EP concepts? Vets were pretty new to a pets EP, Thermostats have deeper uses, Pets have more unique qualities, and Clubs are fun and a new concept too.

      The problem with deep snow is that it always looks funky in action. Snow in the games always grows directly vertical rather than in piles as it should.

  • I’m done with The Sims 4. This is disgusting. They use that sh*t for everything. I hope those lazy devs will work one day and not slack off.

  • I honestly couldn’t care less. It’s such a small part of the game and it honestly doesn’t matter over the scheme of things. It’s just snow. There’s so much to this pack and I’m honestly so happy with the release of seasons that this really is hardly something to bother me at all.

    This community always finds something to complain and whine about. Snow is what’s ruining a pack for people? Really? Snow? This community has a lot of entitlement and one little thing ruins an amazing pack for them.

    This game doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of the Sims 3 (which honestly, I personally liked Sims 2 way better).

    It reminds me of toddlers, I still saw people complain and find stupid little things to whine about with them too. Like giving toddlers a tablet? I saw someone complain about that too, even after people told them that toddlers actually are very much given tablets by their parents these days. So, they responded with “What lazy parents would ever do that? That’s bad parenting!”, as where people responded that some parents are worn out and giving their toddlers a tablet gives the parents a bit of peace for a even just a little bit.
    This community can be very nasty and always has to find something, anything, to ruin a good thing for themselves.

    The community ruins things for themselves, instead of looking at the big picture.
    You’re getting seasons. It’s something amazing and so exciting.

    • These expansions cost US$200 where I live. The full game total price it’s just absurd. Given that it’s an expansion they should be “focusing” on everything, not just this or that. I’ve been trying to enjoy the game for what it is since it came out, but I just gave up defending it after My First Pet Stuff. I’m sure it will be the best EP so far (duh, it’s Seasons) but yeah. If you enjoy the game, good for you, but try to see where they’re coming from.

    • Thank you very much for these words, I needed to read that. We must remember that people not reacting actually like the game. Please count how many people play the game and you’ll feel way better. And remember that there will always be people disliking anything and so the worlds must go round with them. Peace, love!

      • I loved this post, and this is all I wanted everyone who’s acting out like that SO many times, pack after pack. If I get could get everyone of them to read your post, and they still continued, then they as a whole shouldn’t even play The Sims 4, or any sims game.

      • Perfect answer! So easy to be mean, so hard to show love. That is the world we live in. Erin please remember nobody is forcing you buying this “no depth game”, go put some depth in your life instead! Peace, love, always.

  • I couldn’t care less about something so minor as “snow depth.” I was, and still am, very much excited for this expansion, and I will still buy it day 1.

  • I’m a little disappointed, but only because I was looking forward to dogs, cats and toddlers accidentally burying themselves in snow. I think this minor, a yellow flag if anything, because in past packs when they’ve said “we wanted to focus on X instead”, it’s usually been on something no one cares about, so there’s a bit of worry that they may be cutting corners again, but Seasons really looks like it’s going to be amazing, so for once, I’m going to put a little faith in the Gurus.

    • Hoping that something will be done about those blurry leaf piles, I know some kind modder will help because all those blurry images make my eyes hurt, I wear glasses, but it is very blurry. That is the thing I miss with Sims 3, many of the drawn details look more sharp, less muted. I was kind of sad about the snow depth because it takes away from the realism of that snow angel and makes it look strange, that was one of the reasons I noticed it. Maybe next time we can have both. Also hoping that the mud puddles look better than the drawing…remember the Ball Pitt!

      • And before anyone attempts to come for me, I run on ULTRA settings with a more that sufficient graphics card GTX 1070 and i7, so it is not me. I also had to ditch that blur in the distance junk too, so annoying lol

  • Shouldn’t the new game be better or more developed than the previous ones? Instead of making it more realistic like the different amount/depth of snow on each day. They eliminate it almost completely. It was like this since the beginning of S4. All excuses, why don’t just admit you’re a bunch of lazy f***s