The Sims 4 Seasons Capture Event at EA Play: List of Attendees

EA is holding a special capture event at EA Play of The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack later this week where select Game Changers will have an opportunity to capture footage and collect information and impressions of the pack.

This time around we can’t share exactly when we’ll be able to post captured Seasons content, but do know that you can expect it as we get closer to the release of the pack.

As there’s going to be a lot of footage from all sorts of EA Game Changers we’ve compiled a list of people attending The Sims 4 Seasons Capture Event. Make sure you follow them as they’ll be providing TONS of new Seasons information and footage.

List of Attendees

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    • They usually don’t invite him as they know he will be honest and show us how crappy this pack is instead of it being all rainbows and sunshine like all the listed youtubers do.

      • Nope. Its because when theyinvite duringn a sims camp event LGR rejected it and said he will not go to those events. To get a early acess he must become a Game Changer, something that don’t exist at The Sims when LGR was getting early acess. If he want to get invited to this events he has to apply for the Game Changers at EA. So hiw the heck this has connection to negative reviews? They stop giving acces as the higher ups at EA requires him to be a game changer and actively create sims content and his content focus on tech stuff and sims is only talk when packs are released. So How the Heck people think its because
        of him being honest?

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