Countdown to the release of The Sims 4 Seasons

We’re only a few days away until the worldwide release of The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack!

The release date & times that you’re seing below are scheduled for a midnight release (some of them close to the midnight release). As confirmed by SimGuruNick, The Sims 4 Seasons release will have 5 releases in total, with each release belonging to a different time zone / group of countries that you can see below.

In case you don’t know, this pack will release worldwide on the same day but with a staggered release across different time zones. Down below you can find countdowns for multiple time zones. Make sure you bookmark it and remember to join on June 22nd when we’ll be counting down the last hours, minutes and seconds until the release!

Also, make sure you join us as we livestream The Sims 4 Seasons LIVE and countdown together to the European and American release of the game!

North & South America (Midnight EDT New York Time, June 22nd)

2018/06/22 06:00:00

Europe (Midnight CET Paris Time, June 22nd)

2018/06/22 00:00:00

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel & Turkey (Midnight MSK Moscow Time, June 22nd)

2018/06/21 23:00:00

Japan, Korea & the rest of Far East (Midnight KST Seoul Time, June 22nd)

2018/06/21 17:00:00

Australia & New Zealand (Midnight AEST Sydney Time, June 22nd)

2018/06/21 16:00:00

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    • Because your time zone is so far ahead, it would be on the 23 for you. He just meant that they would release the pack to everyone all at once, but for different time zones it will be different times of day.

      • I don’t think it would be released at different times of day. Not technically. Like, 12 midnight my time wont be the same in other places. I think that’s what they mean. It was mentioned that the game will be released at 12 midnight per each time zone tho.

    • It releases 12:00am tonight… so technically, yes that means the 23rd of June as when it hits midnight, the date changes. But we basically get it TODAY!!! xD

    • I am from Australia too and am confused about the release time/date. Origin says 23rd June…. but the official release date is meant to be the 22nd June. It is currently about 2 hours away from midnight (22nd June) so does that mean it will be available for us in 2 hours or do we have to wait until Friday night at midnight (making it the 23rd)….. CONFUSED.

        • I am in Brisbane and I just purchased it but it is telling me I cannot download until tomorrow, even though the count down clock above says 0 hours 0 minutes left.

  • Yeah, I’m a bit skeptical about this too. Their countdowns for Australia are always so wrong and I end up getting my hopes up when it turns out it won’t be another 20 hours from when the countdown says haha. Also, is it just me or is there not a countdown for us? It just cuts off.

  • I think this countdown is off. I am in central standard time in Wisconsin, United States. I am pretty sure the last release came out at 10 PM. Your countdown predicts it will come out at 11pm. I just thought I’d let you know but I appreciate your countdown!

    • If you live in the US, the game will release at Midnight Eastern time on friday. So if you live in any of the other time zones, it’ll be Thursday night (example: If you live in california, it’ll release at 9pm Thursday.

    • yeah, I’m really confused. British time says 21st of June?? They’re not that far behind us… This countdown doesn’t make sense. I’ve seen people complain about this before but “June 22nd worldwide” is a seriously inaccurate thing to put out there. Why not just say “Release date June 22nd [insert timezone here]” and then clarify that it will be 23rd for Australia etc. June 22nd worldwide should MEAN June 22nd worldwide.

      • Yea I’m is 21st I’m not sure what time coz if it was midnight then it would be 22nd June as it’s the next day…. I did read something saying for the UK it will be 3pm…. but not a 100% on that all I know is my games say 21st june

    • You get it at the same time as the rest of the world, but because of time zones there’s a couple hour difference

    • Technically everyone gets it at the same time. It’s just that when you’re in a different part of the world you live in a different time zone. For example the time in America is hours apart from the time in Europe.

  • Does somebody know if you can create your own bundle when it comes out? I still havent pre-ordered because I’d rather have a bundle, but otherwise I’d love to have the box version!

  • This countdown is most definitely wrong. The pack comes out for me at 1:00 pm on the 22nd and this timer is counting down to 1:20 pm (for me) on the 22nd.

    • Actually disregard that. I guess it was off for me at first. The timer seems right now. I would delete my comment, but I don’t know how to.

  • Your counter is wrong, at 12:24am 6/19/18 EDT your counter says 3 days, 1 hour and 34 minutes. That would make the release time at 2am and not midnight.

  • Sim Guru Nick has confirmed it is a midnight release, so as soon as it hits midnight in your time zone its available to download, in America i think they have a different time zones, as soon as it hits midnight in on time zone it’ll be 9pm in another time zone but it will release in the midnight time zone and will be available to those in the 9pm time zone.

  • I just pre ordered it on origin and it say for my time zone witch is the UK it’s come out 21st June.. . Not sure what time but the what date it says for me

    • it doesn’t really matter, the only benefit is that the moment it comes out, you can start downloading right away instead of going to an entire payment first if i am right…
      I preordered as well :p

        • No, the price is the same. Pre-ordering doesn’t make the price more expensive. It simply means as soon as it hits the release time it starts downloading straight away. There is no difference in price.

  • I pre-ordered this game. I have my PC set to US Central time. When I log into my origin console, it says that Seasons will be available to me June 21. I thought it dropped on the 22nd. Is there early access for pre-order?

  • Can someone help me I pre ordered and I live on the east coast orgin is saying it’s available for me on June 21 but I’m not able to download it rn?

    • Pre-ordering actually doesn’t have any benefits this time like an early release, it just already purchased so as soon as the game comes out where you are it will start downloading.

  • I live in Minnesota which is Central Time Zone and orgin says it will be released June 21st but the people who work for sims says it will be released June 22nd and there is not Central time on here so I am really confused so does someone know when it will be released for the central time

  • Anyone else keep refreshing origin in the hope it will be ready?
    I’m so confused as to when its released in UK

    • The same as everyone else you just don’t go through the “hassle” or whatever of paying for it as it comes out.

    • Great minds think alike. Ever since I saw a post about on one of the ts4 sites I’ve never looked back. I preorder and feel I have ever right as long as I didn’t use it to buy it cheaper

  • I don’t understand why they said, “Oh, we’ll release the pack on MIDNIGHT of the 22nd.” Why not midnight of the 21st? Or, shit, it would even make more sense to release it the morning of the 23rd. I just don’t get it. ;_;

  • What a weird release, I was expecting to be able to play today (the 21st) since that’s the release date?? But it’s not releasing until midnight? But then the countdown says 13 hours from now, so around 8PM on the 21st? This is confusing lol.

    • It’s really stupid my game says it comes out today the 21st but I have no way to download it! Someone help me!

  • I am in the US in CA, when I sign into origin it says the 21st for release but still says pre-order…..

  • I thought I was central eastern time, but that’s in Europe and I’m in the US, but when I watch like a TV show it says CET. Can anyone explain?

  • Sooooo i pre-ordered mine and it says the release date is the 21st. So is the release date wrong or do we get it early? Also, if the release date is wrong, then exactly what was the point of pre-ordering….

    • THANK YOU!!! I saw that and was soooo confused as to why I pre-ordered the pack to just have to wait until it was available to everyone else.

    • THANK YOU!!! I saw that and was soooo confused as to why I pre-ordered the pack to just have to wait until it was available to everyone else.

  • I’m so excited for this! My mum pre-ordered it for me. I’m a bit confused as to why there is no British timezone though???? Usually a british timezone comes after the american timezone? I mean, it’s only an hour after CET But okay! I seriously can’t wait for this though,

  • I am in the US, and my game is telling me available June 21, 2018. and here I see that it is not available until midnight tonight?! man, EA get your stuff together!

    • same here got notified June 21 and I still don’t have it!!!! and I pre ordered the seasons pack a month ago!!!!!!

  • Tell everyone to write allot more often about getting a need slider cheat. It was in sims 3. We need it badly for the sims 4. My sims have to work on rockets all the time for hours on end just to lower fun down just enough to get a complete satisfied woohoo. That is so annoying and boring for a game player. Working on rockets for other perposes when the game player feels like it is better. The need decay cheat is way to slow! Frustrating. I am excited over seasons cannot not wait.

  • Wait it says here that the time left in the country I’m in is
    00 00 00 00
    But I still don’t have it installed or available
    It still says ‘coming soon

  • I was wondering if anyone knows how much season is cause usually expansions packs cost $40 when its released so I decided I might try to pre-order for the first time but when I went to it was $43 so is the price gonna be the same or is pre-ordering price different

  • Got it ordered, now I am just going to watch some farscape until it is available. I can’t wait to see winter ^^

  • Someone Please Tell me why in the hell the central part Wisconsin to be exact has to be the last fucking place to get seasons when ea/maxis in in California usa that’s so messed up!!!!!!



  • Thank you Jovan for staying on until the North & South America release hit… and for having such a fun overnight party. I loved watching you play the sims seasons and the new years party was perfect on there! Get some sleep, you’ve earned it.

  • So I’ve already downloaded the game but I’ve found a problem that it won’t load into play mode. I really want to play buy it just won’t load and I can’t open. I was really excited but now I’m just pissed.

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