The Sims 4 Seasons Blog: Meet The Climates (Part 2)

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The Sims Team has released a brand new blog post for The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack, revolving around The Climates Family! This time they’re featuring a screenshot from San Myshuno and are including content from City Living, Parenthood and Jungle Adventure!

Part Two – Winter Vacation

The Morning of Winterfest

Nicolas Climate looked down from the front porch onto the wide bevy of snow coating his front yard. His big sister Summer was upstairs on the phone. His mom, Janine, was taking a much-needed nap after preparing everything for Winterfest. And his dad, Arthur, was totally distracted decorating the holiday tree.

Nobody was looking. It was time to make his move.

Nicolas bolted off the porch, which for him means he slowly ambled down the stairs with his clumsy toddler gait. Once in the snow, the familiar crunch met his boot, the warm breath escaped his little toddler face, and he began sprinting toward the shed. He was convinced the presents were hiding there.

Twenty feet from the shed. It loomed in the distance, the door getting larger as he approached.

Ten feet from the shed. His little legs churned as he moved towards his prize. So close.

Five feet from the shed. He could just imagine the creaking sound of the wooden door as he swung it open to reveal a gigantic mound of presents all for him. No gift wrap was safe. He was going to tear them open.

Just a few more steps . . .

“What do you think you’re doing, little munchkin?” Arthur asked as he picked him up. “There’s nothing for you in that shed, little guy.”

The Sims 4 Seasons Blog: Meet The Climates (Part 2)

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