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The Sims 4: More information about the upcoming Free Gardening Update

SimGuruRad shared plenty of new information about the upcoming free update for The Sims 4 Base Game that’ll improve Gardening and add some new features.

There’s a new area of affect thing that, for example by level 2 of gardening, if you want to water more than just one plant you are gardening and watering an area of plants. So, you will be gardening a whole planter box at once.

The new gardening update will include improvements with watering, weeding, harvesting and you’ll be able to sell plants straight from the plant boxes.

Using the “weed all” interaction will make your Sim pull out a vacuum, letting your Sims immediately vacuum all the weeds instead of having your Sims get down on your knee and pull weeds manually.

The “Super Sell” interaction is a top tier interaction which requires a high gardening skill. With this interaction your Sim will automatically harvest all plants and sell them all at once.

With Evolution there’s a new, more clean User Interface. There are now 5 levels instead of 10 and when you evolve your plants it’s now an immediate interaction.

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