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MORE to The Sims Mobile: Version 11.0 Update Overview

Hey Simmers,

Looking for more details of the new major update for the Sims Mobile? Here you go!

If you haven’t downloaded the new update, hit the button!

After the 80MB+ update from Google Play Store or Appstore, an additional in-game update is required.

It is considered quite a big update with the size of 324MB, make sure you have good internet connection because great things are coming!

The update came with heaps of cool new items, new features such as Heirloom Store and Surprising Choice.

Heirloom Store

Main part of the game is Heirloom, which we can use to unlock stories, hobbies and traits. Good thing is, there are more ways to earn heirlooms now!

The Sims Mobile has added to the heirloom store the FAMILY CHEST which you can receive heirloom tickets and other rewards (Simoleons, Simcash, Cupcakes, Fashion Gems) daily, and the most amazing thing is, it’s FREE! In addition, the Retirement Chest is now available for you once your sim is retired.

Unlike the previous version where you have limited heirlooms appear every once in a while, you can now acquire heirlooms anytime by purchasing the Heirloom Chest, Super Heirloom Chest, or Luxe Heirloom Chest using the Heirloom tickers. Here is the break-down of what you can get for each Chest:

  • Heirloom Chest (purchased by Heirloom tickers): Common 80%, Uncommon 20%
  • Super Heirloom Chest (purchased by Super Heirloom tickers): Common 15%, Uncommon 65%, Rare 20%
  • Luxe Heirloom Chest (purchased by Luxe Heirloom tickers): Uncommon 30%, Rare 70%

More information is also given about the bonus that an heirloom can give us.

You can now Switch Traits!

How amazing is that? Your sim doesn’t have to stick with a trait for the rest of its life. See that new icon on the right corner of your sim’s trait? Click on it!

You can replace a trait using a few Heirloom Tickets. Once it set, your sim will have a new trait!

Speed Up an Event

Tired of waiting? Simply Go Faster by using a cupcake at the beginning of the event and a chance to get a bonus on career or hobby points! (from level 9)

More chance to earn Fashion Gems!

Yet another cool stuff: we can now earn Fashion Gems through parties. Make sure you attend parties everyday for the chances of getting more Fashion Games to unlock more clothing from the Izzy’s Fashion Shop!

A Surprising Choice…

The never-happen-before fun choices of the Sims Mobile game which you can get more bonuses by picking an action given for your sim, note that this feature will only be available once you’ve reached level 10 or up.

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is temporarily disabled due to a few bugs. You can expect it to return in a few days.

New Items

Last but not least, the update also came with new Furniture in Home Item Collection: Farmhouse Living and Kitchen Essentials.

And what are those sparkling things?…

Get the 50-Carat Party/Top Hat and Bracelet to make your sims look more fabulous with other…sims! I know you love diamonds!

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Hi all, I’m Joanna (appellation Jonnana). I’m an artist, YouTuber and a full-time Simmer. My hobbies are writing journal, drawing & gaming!

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  • I got the up date from google store then i kept getting the above message to up date again i thought it was a scam.. i finally had to update or ithe game wouldn’t start idk what y’all are saying but not only are my sims in the family pic (i dont mind) three i kept getting told to retire BUT They are NOT leaving the house it wss not so bad with one sim an three i could not control who were acting .. well like the woke up dead and were mostly freaking out i am getting uncomfortable my sims wont shower cause ones in there in the mirror being weird…im confused if i knew i wouldn’t have had simular wardrobes but i dont want to take my sims wardrobes down to weird same color rags and let the unworking freaking mentally ill dead get the good stuff …
    This whole retirement thing is not right it is too close to real world only the young have stuff kick the old out at thirty I saw the movie..See if someone can help me this is the first sims ive got to play in ten years i love them.. you are a wonderful writer Johanna thanks and forgive my spelling and typos ..I just dont know where ANYTHING is any more …gee i hope they dont throw me out for “Retirement “

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