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The Sims 4: Seasons Themed Custom Content Lookbook


Inspired by Seasons, I decided to create some Themed Look Books! The Items used are CC and all linked below!


The Sims 4: Seasons Themed Custom Content Lookbook

This look I decided to draw from the green of the Christmas Tree, it’s a tree that never wilts and its evergreen. So I went with a loose baggy jumper by Invadersim and pared it with some pumps by Madlen. The little white dots on the heels reminded me of snowfall. Then we have silver birch earings from Simple Simmer and I think the white of the birch brings a bright tone to the look.

CC Included:

Hair: WMS Aria Hair

Accessories: SimpleSimmer Birch Tree Earrings  || MsBlue’s Velvet Nails

Top: Invadersim RC Anessasims Rainy Day Sweater

Bottom: TajsiweL Lauran AFJeans

Shoes: Madlen Regina Shoes


The Sims 4: Seasons Themed Custom Content Lookbook

Countdown is a New Years Party themed look! I decided to go with a sultry dark red dress by Dulisla. I have wanted to use these shoes by Madlen for ages and I think the little spikes on the heel give the look a little fun dangerous feel. I adore this sleek hair by Grimcookies and thought it brought the right amount of sleekness and party.  The thing that really ties this outfit together is the choker by SLYD, again adding to the sultry theme but also bringing in a simple accessory that doesn’t take away from the attention the dress gives.

CC Included:

Hair: Grimcookies Chanel Hair

Accessories: SLYD Silk Choker || MsBlue’s Velvet Nails

Top: Dulisla Dress

Bottom: Blushchat Cold Weather Tights

Shoes: Madlen Daniel Shoes


The Sims 4: Seasons Themed Custom Content Lookbook

The next look is based on those New Year Resolutions, the main one people take up is getting fit! I loved this little-cropped jacket by Mortimergth, still keeping you warm while out for a jog but enough skin showing to allow you to cool down when you’re working out, a perfect balance. Next were these thick leggings by PurrsephoneSims, a beautiful lavender and slightly cropped at the bottom. For the shoes, I went with these dip-dyed trainers by Madlen, The blue and purple fit into the outfit well but also providing your Sim with comfort while working out.

CC Included:

Hair: Enrique Braid Hair

Accessories: MsBlue’s Velvet Nails

Top: Nina Jacket Croptop MG

Bottom: Hayden Leggings PurrsephoneSims

Shoes: Madlen Kelly Shoes

In Bloom

The Sims 4: Seasons Themed Custom Content Lookbook

In bloom is probably my favorite outfit even though it’s so simple. Of course, I went with florals in spring, I know groundbreaking, but I died when I saw this yellow and I knew I had to make a look. The outfit is a separate top and shorts by Ilkup and you can mix and match with other items which are nice, but I decided to use them together here for maximum effect. Next, I got these cute rose earrings by PTS and matched the white color to the flowers on the outfit. And lastly these heels by of course Madlen, a little gold buckle to bring in the yellow.

CC Included:

Hair: Kotcat Arianna Hair

Accessories: PTS Rose Earrings || MsBlue’s Velvet Nails

Top: Ilkup Magnolia Shirt

Bottom: Ilkup Magnolia Shorts

Shoes: Madlen Paloma Shoes


The Sims 4: Seasons Themed Custom Content Lookbook

Last but not least I chose to go with a swim look. I was listening to Dua Lupa and I knew when I saw this flamingo top it needed to be in a swim outfit, so I paired it with some Spa Day Bottoms which I know aren’t CC but they went so well! And then some Madeln sandal heels which I love the skin color swatch because again it doesn’t take away from the bold top but still has that beach vibe. Then I found these sunglasses by Pralinesims and I thought the yellow and pink heart screamed cute summer so I just had to add them!

CC Included:

Hair: Kotcat Arianna Hair

Accessories: PS Ekseo Glasses

Top: Trillyke Horololo Top

Bottom: Spa Day Game Pack

Shoes: Madlen Felicia Shoes

Would you like to see more Look Books? Will you be downloading any of the CC here? Let us know in the comments!

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