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The Sims 4 Seasons: Money Tree Tips & Tricks

The launch of The Sims 4 Seasons brought around the return of a fan favorite object previously missing from the game – the money tree! Want one for yourself? Here’s how to get your hands on the tree and ensure it provides your sims with plenty of simoleons! 

The Rewards Store

Clocking in on the more expensive side at 5,000 points, a money tree fruit can be purchased from the rewards store in live mode! After purchase, the fruit will be found in the appropriate sim’s inventory.

Debug Mode

A favorite cheat amongst builders, bb.showhiddenobjects, allows you to access debug objects in buy mode! Searching the catalog for “money fruit” or “money tree” with the cheat enabled will allow you to purchase either the fruit or tree itself!

While definitely an easier route to take, some players may consider this cheating! Be aware before using this in any challenge that prohibits cheat codes.

Growing Your Money Fruit

Much like any other plantable item in game, the money fruit can be cultivated by placing it on the ground or in a planter and instructing your sim to plant it!

After some care from your sims, the tree will reach full maturity and begin producing fruit! After several rounds of testing, it appears the the tree will produce a maximum of five money fruit per harvest cycle.

Unlike other trees in game, the money tree cannot be harvested! Your sims only have the option to sell their fruit directly from the tree itself.

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  • I kno you verified no cc for console but we really need cc because the outfits on console are kinda out style at specially for toddler boys so can we cc please

  • my money tree isnt growing? its springtime in my sims 3 and it says its in season. it was outside, i just moved it inside so idk if that will change anything. when will it grow????

  • Splicing money tree on to other plants, or using “harvest all” on a nearby plant can allow you to harvest money tree fruit and thus grow multiple money trees from the one purchase (and without cheating).

  • There’s a way to get multiple money trees with no cheats needed. Once you get your first money tree with the reward points, plant it, let it mature. With a (I think level 5) medium skill in gardening, you can “take a cutting” from the tree. Splice that cutting onto any other fruit baring tree, and when that spliced tree matures, you can “harvest” it, getting both the fruit and money tree fruit. No cheats needed.

  • Another way, only if you got the magic pack, is to use copypasto spell, it creates a copy of the money tree in your build mode inventory.