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All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile


Simoleon is the unit of currency in The Sims games series.

We need Simoleons to purchase home items, clothing, unlock locations, land expansion, buy more rooms, switch jobs or hobbies, and repair furniture.

Simoleon is easy to earn. However, everything in the game gets more expensive the more you level up.

So how to earn Simoleons faster?

There are many ways to make Simoleons with a minimum to zero spend of real money.

Complete Daily To Do List

All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile                   Note: green tick indicates completed task.

You will get 180 Simoleons everyday by completing a few tasks in the Daily To Do List:

Remember to socialise

”Complete 2 Relationship or Family Events”

Family events

  • If you have a baby (note: Babies unlock at level 11), you can complete the family event by clicking on the Stork’s Visit Bassinet (with the baby) at home. The family event icon will pop up daily until you click on it. You can still complete the family events when the baby grows to a toddle, then child, until he/she becomes an adult.

And then you make more babies!

  • Retired sims (note: Retirement unlock at level 16), same as babies, you can complete family events with a retired sim. When a new day starts, the family event icon will pop up on your retired sim, click on it and they will prompt you to finish the event.

Relationship story

The simplest one!

You don’t need to have babies, you don’t need to retire your favourite sims, just simply click on any other sims* passing by (around your house or in town) and begin a friendship or complete a quick catch-up event if you are already friends.

*Tips: Other sims can be

  • Other players: sims with the blue Plumbobs;
  • In-game sims (created by the game with NO blue Plumbobs);
  • or Sims within your household: not recommended as you want your other sims to work in the meantime.

Improve your Lifestyle

There are 3 ways to complete this task:

  • Buy items from Build-Buy collection*
  • Buy new clothing, or purchase new items from Izzy’s Fashion Shop (using Fashion Gems)
  • Buy Heirlooms (Heirloom unlock at level 16)

*Tips: If you have limited Simoleons this is the most efficient way to do: complete the task Improve your home, which you only need to spend 75 Simoleons on home items. This will automatically green-ticked the Improve your Lifestyle task, meaning that you will complete 2 tasks by only one action.

Kill two birds with one stone!

Change Sims Appearance

This is pretty much a free and easiest step to get Simoleons. Go to Change Appearance and change your clothing. If you like what your sim is currently wearing then you just need to add earrings, glasses or shoes. You can always change back once the task is done.

NOTE that special events only appear in Daily To Do List when you are at level 12 (you won’t see Complete a Special Events task until you reach level 12).

Complete Quests

All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile

Quests are sometimes quite hard to complete, some requires your sims to finish their entire career, hobby or relationship story to get a few pennies. The easiest quest would be Just Keep Doing it, which you can complete daily, or 3 days when your level is higher.

Complete Events

CAREER and HOBBY events (Hobbies unlock at level 8) are the main source of income in the Sims game. Though you make very few Simoleons when you first started, like any careers (or hobbies), you need to level up by keep doing it until you reach the max level. There are 10 levels for each career/hobby story in The Sims Mobile.

All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile

Note: this example is level 10 of the INTERNET ICON hobby practice session.

There are 3 options:

  • Quick Shift/Practice Session: up to 1 hour* →  BEST choice

If you have the time to do it, Quick shift is the best way to make more Simoleons compare to Standard or Long shift. For example: a Long shift gives you 450 Simoleons afer 8 hours, while Quick shift gives you: 112 x 8 = 896 Simoleons after 8 hours. All you need to do is to make your sims work, leave it there, do your things for roughly an hour then come back and collect Simoleons then…repeat.

  • Standard Shift/Practice Session: up to 4 hours*

Do Standard shift when you know that you won’t be checking your phone for a few hours (e.g. at work, say you can check your sims in lunch break).

  • Long Shift/Practice Session: up to 8 hours*

Do Long shift at night when your sleeping (or at school when you cannot check your phone for a long time), so when you wake up, all those moolas will come at you!

Unless you don’t sleep!

*Tips: the session/shift is quicker or longer depends on

  • Bonuses from items around the house (e.g. 3-star item will give better bonus than 1-star item, or bonus from career of hobby items, etc.)
  • Traits (e.g. Sims that have Ambitious trait are better at all Careers → bonus Event Points → quicker shifts)

You gotta work it to make it!

Traits that give Bonuses

All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile

Pickpocket: These Sims sneak a few Simoleons when interacting with others, every now and then.

All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile

Generous: give you better Daily Rewards including Simoleons: when log in daily, at the beginning of the in-game day.

Tips: traits that have more stars will give better rewards.

Complete Special Events

(Special Events unlock at level 12)

All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile

Special Event is available every day. Its duration is up to 6 hours.

Tips: Same as long shift, do this event at night or before you go sleep so when you log in the next day, you will collect a bunch of Simoleons and most of all you also Complete a Special Events task in the Daily To Do List (when you are level 12 or up).

One stone kills…two birds!

Make the Most at Any Parties

Attending parties

Tips for finding parties: look for the parties that has the Ideal Attendees row right below the rewards. That means if your sims attend those parties, there are more items that associated with their hobbies or careers for them to interact with, and giving a change to earn max Simoleons when the party bar is filled.

All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile

First off, complete 3 star for yourself: interact with items in the party to fill your bar up to 3 stars, you will then receive 20 Simoleons.

All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile

Group Progress Rewardsthis is where it counts!

If you have extra Party cakes (that you get from the action above) to use, use it and try to earn more Party Points. More Simoleons earned when parties level up. You will make 70 Simoleons at level 10 any parties.

Tips: keep in mind that the Group Progress Rewards is for all other players that attend the party. The Ideal Attendees hints that there are more items to interact for all other players. More ideal players attend, more Party Points earned, more rewards.

All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile

So, in total you will have 90 Simoleons for each party, and you can attend 2 parties daily, meaning that:

90 x 2 = 081…?!

Host Weekly Parties

In the Party panel, at the top, there is an option for you to Host weekly party.
All The Ways you can earn Simoleons in The Sims Mobile

Though we can only host a party only once a week with a small amount of Simoleon, don’t neglect it because Every Dollar Counts!

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