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The Sims 4: List of Removed Cheats

SimGuruGrant has confirmed that with the recent update for The Sims 4 they’ve removed some cheats from the game  for technical reasons. He did confirm that the cheats that have been removed will be making a return eventually, in a more “official” way as The Sims Team plans to add more cheats over time with better presentation and availability.

Grant also provided a useful list of all the cheats that have been currently removed from the game:

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  • This makes me a little furious; I’m not going to lie. I understand why they had to do it, but I *really* hope they roll the non-harmful cheats back out VERY quickly.

    • which cheats do you use on a regular? For me, I’ve used maybe two or so since the game launched. The only one I really liked that was taken was the buff one since sometimes I want to clear it for certain sims. The more frequently used one like for skills was thankfully returned.

      • I mostly use money, reset sim and move objects on. My brain won’t work. I can’t remember if buydebug is also in TS4, I know I use it in TS3. There may be more, but I can’t think of them.

        • There is no “buydebug” in Sims 4, but there is “bb.showhiddenobjects” and it DOES work since the June 19th patch (the one right before Seasons came out). I know because I’ve used it, several times. The money cheats definitely work. “resetsim” isn’t in the list of removed cheats above.

          • The thing is they DID do something to showhiddenobjects. It looks like alot of items that used to be in there, like as far as I can see all the spawners, have been removed or moved to a different secret command or something. Also I noticed that in the entire showhiddenobjects buy mode I can find public lot ponds with fish fine, but there isn’t a frog log anywhere in there. Although thankfully now I found a mod that makes both a buyable and placeable item.

    • Just tell the ‘modders’ what you want to do with it, and I’m sure that someone will be happy to write new commands which can be added without modifying any of the base assets or scripts. You won’t need to worry about conflicts.

  • I used the reset sim cheat mostly, I encountered bugs when my sim stuck swimming and swimmed in the ground while doing other things, or when they are just stuck and don’t start the action for many many sim hours, in both cases the reset cheat helped. What can I do if these happen again?

  • You know what would have been helpful? If this list was in some sort of order, so we could quickly see if a specific code has been removed.

    Other than the basics (MOO, kaching, etc) the only cheat I use on the regular is the traits.equip_trait cheat. I see traits.clear_traits and traits.show_traits, but no traits.equip_traits. Anyone know if that’s still working?

  • This is why you should write your own, and not bother with any of half-coded junk which they’ve left in the archives. It’s really possible to fully manage the engine in real time if you spend a little time on analysis and re-scripting (maybe a few weeks if you want all of the neighborhood objects and the lists of tuned instances).

  • It’s fine with me. I never used or heard of most of them. I DO wish there was a cheat to get rid of the damn vampires while keeping everything else from that pack. I really, really, really hate them, and I know I’m not alone.

    • All the vampires I always run into are the three premade ones in two families that came with the pack. You may want to just go into Manage Worlds, head on over to Forgotten Hollow, and simply delete the two vampire families. I read on the forums somewhere that just deleting Vlad will keep the nocturnal visits from occurring, as Vlad is the only vampire that goes “hunting” outside of Forgotten Hollow; but you’ll still see the Vatore siblings out and about in various venues around the different worlds, so you may as well delete them, too, while you’re in Manage Worlds. It sucks that you’ll have to do it with every new game you start, but it will take a couple minutes, top, and you don’t have to worry about a mod that may or may not break with the next patch, lol. Besides, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably in Manage Worlds in each new game moving things around, anyway, lol.

      • Forgot to include the fact that new vampires will not spawn if you delete those two families, so you don’t have to worry about playing whack-a-mole with the undead, lol.

      • Does everything reset if you start a new game? Like all of your people are gone in that one so you have free houses?

  • Omgosh that a heck of a lot of cheats. And yes I am mad. Angry plumbob is me right now.
    But tbh I didn’t even know some of these cheats existed. Wowy!

  • I didn’t even know the majority of those cheats to be honest. I was afraid the main cheats would be included but so far there was nothing that would make me worry too much.