The Sims 4: Expect Changes to Upcoming Pack Releases + More on Upcoming Quarters

After the announcement that Quarterly Teasers for The Sims 4 are no more, many were left wondering what it means exactly that “there will be quarters where we don’t release new paid content”. SimGuruKate emphasized the fact that this only means that there’s going to be some quarters where paid content won’t be released, meaning that we can expect free content & updates to be released on occasion during that period.

She also mentioned the fact that EA / Maxis are changing the way paid content is delivered to the public.

Does this mean that Expansion Packs for The Sims 4, just like Seasons, are now going to be released less than a month away from their announcement and are there more changes to the way Game Packs and Stuff Packs are being released? We’ll have to wait and find out! After all, there are at least 3 more years of content in plan for The Sims 4!

Written by Jovan Jovic

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  1. While I really liked the Quarterly Teasers, I also like the “SURPRISE, SUDDENLY THERE’S SEASONS IN A WEEK” method.

  2. Are you going to add werewolves and horses to the sims? I think that would be cool, I mean you have vampires and aliens but what about those poor werewolves, they don’t get enough credit.

    • I don’t get why people keep asking for preteens when there are already seven age stages desperately in need of more content and better functions (maybe with the exception of toddlers). I’d much rather the resources required for making preteens an actual thing would be spent on making the existing ages more interesting and fun to play. It’s such a baseless request

  3. to be honest i like the being surprised method more then the teasers,if you look on fb and whn ppl know in advance what is coming up,the groups are overwelmd with the same questions over and over again,with the surprise method is that less,i don`t say it doesn`t happen but less lol,look at seasons announcment and all the questions about it or i can`t buy it or i have it and you don`t ….and so on

  4. It likely means that they’re gonna pull more shit like the Hampster pack and don’t want us to know about it before they do. If that’s the case, just remember, ya’ll paid for it. Enough people bought it that EA went “oh lookit that! guess we’ll be doing it more!”

    • So according to you, we should stop buying stuff packs that don’t make sense to you. Flash news! There are collectors like me! I have all expansion packs, stuff packs and game packs because I like to collect them all. And nobody is going to stop me from doing so. It’s not your business what others do. We don’t force you to buy every single pack. It’s up to you whether you want them or not.

    • You’re overly entitled and angry for no reason.

      As it was said, that was an experiment and they wanted to see if they could add on to expansions with stuff packs and they said they wouldn’t be doing that “anytime in soon”.

      You don’t have to stay in the community. No one’s forcing you.

      There’s people who would buy anything put out because they love the game and will collect. I have a best friend that owns “Sweet Treats” from The Sims 3, just because he likes collecting every Sims pack. People will do this and there’s nothing wrong with that. Attacking people for buying a pack is just stupid.
      It’s none of your business what people buy and you cannot and should not dictate what they buy.
      You aren’t forced to buy every single pack, so you shouldn’t dictate anything to people who do. It’s not their faults and it’s not on them. Leave them alone.

  5. It seems to me that they will follow how the mobile version is releasing new content so players will want to buy on regualr basis and not wait for full pack. It’s not really a good idea as customer because you will probably pay much more that would’ve buy a pack but at least you kinda choose what you really want.

    I just hope they won’t put loot box :\

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