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The Sims Mobile: The Surgeon Career is already unlocked (for some)

Yesterday The Sims Mobile team has announced that they’ll soon be releasing a new Surgeon Career. However, after the latest minor update that was deployed last night (which was only around 27MB) I was able to get my hands on the Surgeon Career, and it seems that not everyone was able to do the same.

As soon as I downloaded the new update I restarted the game and immediately was greeted with a small “Surgical Precision” Quest. The whole objective of this quest is to place a new Surgery Table in the Hospital Venue which I was able to do so. However, there are numerous reports of people not able to even access the latest quest.

There’s a new “Surgeon Career” Items Collection that you can access while in the Hospital Venue in Build Mode. It features 2 new items: the Surgery Table and the Surgery Light while the X-Ray Machine and the Illuminated X-Ray have only been recategorized from the Medical to the Surgery Career.

You’re able to join the Surgeon Career by pressing the briefcase icon above the Surgery Table. After that all you have to do is pick “The Mysterious Benefactor” Story and you’re all set to play with the new Surgeon Career

While the Surgeon Career is still not available to plenty of players, some have reported that they’re able to play with it under mysterious circumstances. I don’t know what it takes to fully unlock this career and is there something beyond the mini-quest to unlock it but we’ll keep you posted as soon as this career is fully (and officially) out!

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