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The Sims 4: Another Expansion / Game Pack has been confirmed for 2018


UPDATE: EA Poland tried to explain the Instagram Story (that they deleted that you can see below) and what they “really meant”. They explained in a series of stories below that the new Expansion Pack that they meant was Cats & Dogs for Consoles.

However, they still didn’t elaborate why did they answer “YES” to Game Packs as well and why they deleted the Instagram Story. It looks like they’re trying to cover up the fact that there’s actually going to be one more Expansion and Game Pack for The Sims 4 this year!

  • You asked us yesterday, if a new Expansion is coming…
  • We answered…YES
  • This July…
  • Cats & Dogs for Xbox One and PS4

EA Poland shared an interesting piece of information about what’s to come for The Sims 4 in 2018. The Sims Poland’s Instagram account revealed that we should be expecting another Expansion / Game Pack for this year!

Here’s what they said in an instagram story post that’s been quickly deleted afterwards:

Instagram Question: Will there be another game pack or an expansion in 2018?

The Sims Poland: YES.

The Sims 4: Another Expansion / Game Pack has been confirmed for 2018


This means that 2018 will be a second year where The Sims 4 might get two Expansion Packs. The last time we got two Expansion Packs was back in 2015 with Get to Work in Spring and Get Together in Fall. Considering that The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack has been released in Spring that leaves plenty of space left for another Expansion Pack this year, as well as a Game Pack.

As there won’t be any more quarterly teasers for The Sims 4 you should stay tuned to our website as we’ll keep you updated about the latest leaks, speculation and official information about the upcoming content for the game!

What do you think that the next Expansion Pack and Game Pack are? Let us know in the comments!

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