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3 reasons why The Sims 4 on Console is currently better than The Sims 4 on PC


Editor’s note: this article isn’t all that serious. However, there is some truth tea.

You’ve probably noticed that The Sims 4 for PC / Mac is going through a rough patch at the moment (no tea no shade). Screenshots which are a crucial part of storytelling have been blurry for a few days now ever since The Gallery update and The Gallery itself, although it looks great, crashes on a daily basis. I actually spent plenty of hours these last few days playing The Sims 4 on Console with all of the packs currently available and I gotta say – I’m enjoying the game a lot more, and here’s why:

1) The screenshots are c  r  i  s  p

Nothing better than taking a screenshot that isn’t blurry. Sure, The Sims 4 Console relies on taking screenshots using your controller but still the result of those screenshots that you take on console are perfectly clear.

The Sims 4 PC screenshots make me want to see an eye doctor.

2) No Gallery – No problem!

The Sims 4 Console players are at ease considering they’ve been met with expectations that the game won’t have The Gallery feature (at the launch of TS4 Console). Sure, the developers have said a few times that they’re working on implementing The Gallery on Console but as of right now Console players have no worries or struggles when opening up The Gallery only to find out that The Gallery is down. Seriously though, The Gallery on PC went down at the same time for the last 3 days and it’s starting to get annoying.

Console players are currently at their own mercy of creating their own Sims and Houses which is actually pretty fun. I’ve built a house last night on Console (which isn’t something I usually do) and thanks to The Gallery not currently being a thing for Console I’ve discovered all the wonderful ups (and downs) of building your own house.

My work of art (WIP)

3) The ability to appreciate previous packs all over again

You probably know already that The Sims 4 Console doesn’t have all the packs from PC currently available. However, the game is slowly getting there. With 3 Expansion Packs, 3 Game Packs and 8 Stuff Packs I’ve gotten an opportunity to appreciate all the features and gameplay we got with Cats & Dogs, Parenthood and so on without being distracted by features from packs that are currently trending.

Honestly, all I’ve ever done lately on PC ever since The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack came out was create holidays and take screenshots of my neighborhoods covered in snow. It’s nice to go back to the good old days when everything seemed like a hint towards Seasons.

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