The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is getting a Mysterious New Feature Soon™

Updates and improvements to The Sims 4 Base Game still seem to be in full force.

SimGuruGrant has tweeted this, just an hour before the release of the Caribbean Content Update that brings new themed objects and clothing for your Sims:

Unlike the Content Update that we’ve received yesterday, this mysterious Update that we’re getting for The Sims 4 soon™ seems to be adding an entirely new functionality in the game considering that Grant describe it as “a feature”.

We don’t know what it is or when exactly it’s coming. All that we know right now is that it’s in a phase of research and that it’s coming “in the near future”.

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  • I hope this is for the console as well. I wish they would stop updating and releasing pic when console needs to catch up. After all, PA has mods and CC. Sour they have plenty to do.

    • In yesterday’s live stream, the devs said that console takes a lot longer to update console because it has to go through XBox and Playstation approval before it’s released.

    • Wow, this is an extremely rude comment!! And very entitled! Just because it takes longer to update the console as it is not as easy to issue updates as quick (being they have to give it over to PS or Xbox for approval) you want them to stop updating the PC version, which is the main version. If it wasn’t for the content received on PC, you wouldn’t have any of that same content on console. And by the way, not all players for PC use mods or CC (some have even had game breaking issues using 1 or both). I’m not saying that console players don’t need or deserve updates and content, because you do deserve the bugs to be fixed and all the extra content. But exclaiming that PC players should go without so you can go with is just wrong!!

    • Completely different team. What the PC dev team does or does not do doesn’t affect how fast console content is released, any more than new features affects how fast bugs are fixed, or new expansion packs affects how fast that game pack gets finished.

    • The Sims series has always been designed for the PC and that should always be it’s priority before consoles. PC players shouldn’t be held back because of console limitations.

    • Back in the Sims 1 and Sims 2 days, Mac players had to wait 6 months for packs to be ported from the PC platform. And in Sims 2 many of the SPs didn’t get ported, and neither of the final two packs (Free Time and Apartment Life) were ever ported to the Mac.

      As someone else said, it takes extra time to port things over because of needing approval from Sony (PS) and Microsoft (Xbox). Games like Sims Mobile and Sims Freeplay suffer equivalent issues with needing approval from Apple for the iOS version; not sure if Google has similar reviews for Google Play store.

  • For anyone who writes or reads Science Fiction, “near future” can mean anything within the next 150 years.
    “far future” means 500 to multiple thousand years in the future.

  • My Sims 4 went through the update yesterday but I didn’t see any of the new updates that were supposed to be added. How can i fix this?

    • They are not marked as New so you’ll have to search carefully for each one or use the item overview here to help find each item. If you still can’t find them, I suggest repairing your game.

    • Sort by base game under packs, then look closely. The sliding doors are of course in Doors, the ceiling fan in Misc. Decor (wouldn’t be surprised if a modder makes the fans actually functional for cooling purposes) and the hairs and clothing should be in CAS. The two curly hairs are marked as female, so if you’re looking to put one on a male you’ll have to turn off the masculine filter. I think the mohawk style was under Long hair and the other curly style Medium length. (I’ve got the mohawk style on my musician/DJ Sim as part of his party outfit — with his pinkish purple hair and the purple suit from Luxury Party he’s pretty stylin’.)