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The Sims Mobile: New Waterfront Concept Art

SimGuruAzure has shared some new concept art pieces from The Sims Mobile’s latest Waterfront Update.

Howdy Simmers! Does anyone want to see some concept art of the Wellness Center? Emily? Both?

Full disclosure – I did not make this art! I got it from our amazing concept artist Amy. She’s not on twitter so I will share this for her.

The concept phase is a really fun part of game dev. It’s where the imagination can go crazy and possibilities are endless!

We wanted to add careers that were different and fun so we realized that the venue would have to be more than just a gym. A Wellness Center could cover fitness and more!

During the concept phase Amy puts loads of items into the space to tell the story of the venue’s potential. We never end up making everything but it does inform our choices when our designers craft careers and stories.

We always want to add fun little touches to the game. Amy concepts some of those as well! Sometimes special ideas stick, like this little dude! We made sure that he would make it into the game for players to find.

Venue concepts are fun but my favorite concept art always revolves around characters like Izzy or Emily!

A lot went into Emily. We had so many discussion about every detail, like her shirt color…

Orange won! Another piece of concept that I LOVE is the art that helped us hone in on what Emily’s personality would be like.

The personality concept helps inform the way Emily speaks and her animations!

Here comes the last bit of concept art! One of the biggest debates we had over Emily was about her hair…

Should her hair be in a high bun? Does that look too neat? Emily is a woman on the move! Add more pencils and pens!!!!!!!

My fav feedback note: “…No one clips their barrette like that”

Rest assured, in-game Emily clips her barrettes like the rest of us. That’s it for today folks! Happy Simming!

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