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German YouTuber claims he knows what the next pack for The Sims 4 is

Please note that this post is pure speculation until proven otherwise!

German YouTuber Gronkh who’s getting close to 5 million subscribers has claimed in his Sims 4 Let’s Play video that’s been published last week that he already knows what the next pack for The Sims 4 and that he’s really excited for it. According to his statement the next pack is “very fitting for his Let’s Play”. Unfortunately he didn’t reveal the exact theme of this pack.

Here’s all he said in his video. Big thanks to @BroBastii for the transcript!

He is talking about cooking (ingame) and then he just stops talking. After that he giggles a little bit and says that he already knows what the next DLC is going to be about, but he’s not allowed to share any information about it. Although he already knows about it he isn’t sure if the pack is already announced (I think that’s caused by recording his Let’s Plays in advance). The next DLC is very fitting for his Let’s Play and he is really looking forward to it. The last thing he said was that he will be recording the new gameplay in a Livestream as soon as it is released (like he did at the beginning of this Let’s Play, which was started with the release of Seasons). At the end of his statement there is just a lot of laughter.


@BroBastii also revealed to us what his Let’s Play is about considering that this Youtuber mentioned that the next pack would be very fitting for his Let’s Play:

He’s playing a group of friends (all Let’s Players in real life) in San Myshuno… maybe that’s important to know for your post!

By laughing between the sentences it seems like that the next pack is going to be kind of funny or makes a lot of fun playing, which would be fitting for a group of friends?! And maybe he’s talking about an Expansion Pack, since he compared it (kind of) to Seasons by mentioning the livestream.. Just some late night thoughts


Statement at 2:20

The Sims Forums have started speculating about this statement, asking if this YouTuber is trustworthy enough to believe the fact that the next Sims 4 Pack is so close that big YouTubers are already receiving tips and hints about it.

Yoko2112, a member of The Sims Forums who regularly watches Gronkh’s content has stated that he has relations with plenty of companies and events and that it’s very possible that he got information about the next pack behind the scenes.

In case you don’t know Gronkh has already attended some of The Sims 4 events in the past, including The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp in San Francisco.

For now Gronkh’s tease doesn’t reveal almost anything but it could be a sign that the news drought is about to come to an end…

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  • This isn’t news though..
    So what if someone knows the next pack and who knows if they’re being truthful?
    If EA told this person this, it almost feels like borderline violation of a non-disclosure agreement. It should have just been edited out of the video, in my opinion.

  • This is kinda stupid imo. He knows what the next pack is? Goodie for him. You know who else knows? The dev team. If neither of them are sharing the info, or even giving more than very very very vague hints, what good is telling us that he knows? Now he’s just bragging.

    • Hey, Gonkh is not the kind of guy that brags. Really, he is just the nice uncle of german YouTube. And his let’s plays are rarely edited, as far as I have seen. I mostly watch his retrochannel for games from his childhood ^^

      • Fair enough. I don’t know the guy, because I don’t really watch Sims stuff on Youtube, and I don’t speak German even if I did. So I can’t speak to who he is as a person. And maybe saying he was bragging was harsh. But we all know that EA likes to give out advance info to prominent people in the Sims community and that they love Youtube stars especially. So I’m not sure why a prominent Youtube star in the Sims community having advance info is newsworthy. It’s not Gonkh I’m questioning, it’s SC.

        • Ah, sorry. I didn’t understand what you mean. But he isn’t a Sims Youtuber. Not at all xD
          I just stop existing now.