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Behind The Scenes at The Sims 4’s Upcoming Content…Through Simlish

Krizia Bajos, one of the voice actors actively working on The Sims 4 series has archived a huge series of Instagram Stories on her profile. Over the last 2 months Krizia and Scott Whyte were actively recording new vocals for The Sims 4’s upcoming content that’s yet to be announced and released.

In the video above you can see more than 4 minutes of snippets and even some simlish teasers featured in yet to be released content for The Sims 4. There’s a snippet featuring a whole spreadsheet of Simlish words:

There’s also an interesting scene where you can see a small glipse of a new animation being shown on the screen:

It’s hard to tell what the new content is all about considering that Simlish is a made up language that basically has an unlimited amount of words that can be added to its vocabulary. Still, it’s really interesting to see the first teasers of what’s to come to The Sims 4!

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  • The two consecutive clips starting at about 2:31 sound a lot like pirate-speak to me. It made me recall the twitter poll a few months back when they polled about interest in Mermaids. Barnacle Bay redux?

    • I feel like witches will probably be the next life state. That being said, voice work is like the first thing that’s really recorded. So it’s possible that witches are almost completed and they’re working on mermaids to release spring or summer 2019 right now.

      • I agree. According to the poll results the S4 community resoundingly asked for witches. It would make sense that that’s next. Can’t wait!!!