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Replay: The Sims Team’s First Maxis Monthly Livestream

UPDATE #2: You can now catch the replay on YouTube as well!

UPDATE: The stream has now ended! You can catch the Twitch replay down below. We’re also preparing a YouTube replay for those who cannot watch content on Twitch!

The Sims Team will be doing a very special livestream on October 2nd, 2018 at 8PM CET / 7PM BT / 11AM PDT where they’ll be talking with the producers and tease some upcoming content for The Sims 4 AND The Sims Mobile as well as feature The Sims FreePlay during the stream.

Considering that Quarterly Teasers are no longer active and have been replaced with Maxis Monthly this livestream is something you definitely don’t want to miss out as it could tease content for the next few months, just like Quarterly Teasers did.

We know that time zones are very tricky and as this livestream is important we’ve added a countdown down below that counts exactly to the moment when The Sims Team goes live with Maxis Monthly.

We’re also going to report on every important detail that’s shown, mentioned and/or teased during the stream so stay tuned on our website!

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  • Dangit! I saw “8PM CET” and it didn’t register at first that “CET” stands for Central European Time, and that this livestream is going to be hosted on 11 am PDT — the exact same time as all the others have in the past. I’m on EDT, which means that 11 am is my 2 pm, when I’m at work. Just once, I’d love to watch one of these things actually live! The funny part — I actually had the chance, last year, when my schedule was rearranged and I actually had off on a Thursday and could have watched a livestream live. However, the schedule rearranging happened last minute, and by the time I put two and two together the livestream had already ended.