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The Sims 4: Special Announcement coming “Early Next Week”


Maxis Monthly has brought a ton of new surprises but it ended off on a really curious note.

As SimGuruKate was signing off the livestream she mentioned that there’s going to be a livestream on October 11th to showcase more of what we’ve already seen today on Maxis Monthly. However, there was another interesting thing that Kate has mentioned and we’re going to fully quote her statement:

If you liked what you saw here and you wanna see more of it we’re gonna be hosting a special livestream on October 11th at 11AM so we hope you’ll join us. We’re gonna dive a little bit more on some of the content that you’ve seen here.

And, you know, Dave, I think you might wanna book a little time on your calendar for early next week to make sure you check out our social channels. It’s less than a week away…


In case you don’t know, The Sims Team usually likes to use their social channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote upcoming new content. Considering that SimGuruKate has already covered the free content out of the way by mentioning a livestream that’s happening on October 11th, could there be something entirely else happening?

We don’t really know – but we’ll make sure to keep you posted on Sims Community!

The Sims 4: Special Announcement coming “Early Next Week”

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