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Weekly Facebook Column: Sims Player Story Highlights

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It’s that time again! Time for our weekly segment highlighting just some of the best our amazing Sims Community Facebook group has to offer! Every week, we’ll be sharing some great stories and screenshots with you from the Facebook group that really made us go WOW!

Let’s check out some of this week’s highlights.

“Day 2 in the Sims 4 Big Brother House. – Trevor M.


Why We Love It: If you haven’t stopped by the Facebook group to check out Trevor’s Big Brother series, you need to! Any fan of the popular reality TV series will love Trevor’s take on the concept. Watch the dramatic lives of the Big Brother housemates unfold in The Sims 4! There is much more than what’s shown in this preview, so definitely join our Facebook group to follow this incredible series! Great work, Trevor!

“Hi all, Chapter 2 of Mia Morris’s Supernatural adventures is now available… (This is the story of Mia Morris, a teenager from New Mexico who’s about to stumble into the world of Supernatural wonders.)…” – Ciara J.

Weekly Facebook Column: Sims Player Story Highlights

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Why We Love It: We love Ciara’s take on a supernatural story! She’s taken the time to build sets for her scenes, like a school, which give her pictures a more realistic touch. We’re also digging the premise of a Sim moving somewhere far away and having to adjust to a new lifestyle and make new friends. With Mia’s powers, that might prove to be more difficult than anticipated. It sounds like an exciting read! Keep those updates coming, Ciara, and great job!

“Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Levens!

Blakely’s daughter, Keegan got married to her high school sweetheart, Mark. They have been together for years and finally got married. The night before they’re wedding, Keegan found out her mom passed away, but also found out she was expecting a baby! Keegan is in her first trimester and she told the whole family at the wedding! This journey has just begun and I can’t wait to expand their little family!

Enjoy the wedding photos I took!” – Madison K.


Why We Love It: The Sims is a life simulation so naturally, weddings and babies are as big a deal in the game as they are in real life. We love that Madison went all out for her Sims on their special day. Her use of creative angles, custom poses and attention to detail while decorating all come together to create the picture-perfect wedding that these Sims will certainly remember for a lifetime.

“To everyone who followed Arnav’s Adventures so far, thank you for sticking till the end! I wanted to let Arnav live a full and rich life independent of his being a butler. So he aged up, retired and has the freedom to do things sims normally do in their retirement. In the meantime, a new butler has arrived to replace him. I wonder what his personality is like.” – Khoo C.

Weekly Facebook Column: Sims Player Story Highlights

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Why We Love It: It is truly the end of an era. Those of you who’ve been following the story of Arnav the Mediocre Butler either in our Facebook group or here in our Weekly Column will be familiar with poor, hopeless Arnav whose skill as a butler left much to be desired but who had a heart of gold. We would have loved to continue reading The Adventures of the Mediocre Butler forever but all things must come to an end, so we’ll just wave goodbye and wipe a tear from our eye. Thank you for all the memories, Arnav. We won’t forget you.

1f603 finished my first real photo edit for the simblreen! 1f603
day 1: beautiful nightmare.
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follow me at if you are interested in seeing more of my pictures! 2764” – Lisa L.


Why We Love It: Lisa is well-known in our Facebook group for her stunning screenshots and she’s back at it again, wowing us all with her incredible entries for a Halloween screenshot challenge happening on Tumblr throughout the month of October. Our jaws hit the floor whenever Lisa shares some of her work with us, so if you’re as dazzled by Lisa’s camera and editing skills as we are, check out her simblr to get amazing content like this regularly.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a segment entry last week! We had so much fun looking through all of them. Remember, if your content wasn’t featured this week, there’s always next week so keep submitting all your fantastic screenshots and stories!

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