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The Sims FreePlay Introduces the Apple AR Feature

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The Sims FreePlay is stepping into the world of augmented reality! Today’s big update for this mobile game doesn’t just bring a new event but a whole new way of playing this game!

With the Apple AR Feature players are able to step inside their homes, control their Sims and change their surroundings with this feature exclusive to iOS devices. Check out what The Sims FreePlay Team has to say about it:

The Sims FreePlay Introduces the Apple AR Feature

As a part of our Brilliant Backyards update, The Sims FreePlay allows *iOS Simmers to cross the digital divide and transport their Sims into augmented reality. With thousands of objects at your fingertips, use Apple’s ARKit 2 technology to see your Sims’ Dream Homes come to life. Place your Sim houses anywhere they can dream of and come back to visit them any time. Collaborate and share experiences with a friend through the brand new real-time cooperative build-mode! It’s a Sims experience unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Here’s how you use AR Mode*:

*Note: AR Mode is only available to iOS users running iOS 12 and requires a device with an A9 processor or above.

How to activate AR Mode

To activate AR mode, visit the town map screen. Simmers with compatible devices (see our FAQ for the full list) will see a new green button on the upper right side of the screen.

How to Add a New AR house

To create a new AR house lot, select, ‘New’, and name the space. Aim the device’s camera at the surface where you wish to place a home lot and follow on-screen prompts for a successful placement. We recommend non-glossy, textured surfaces. Also, avoid pure black or white surfaces.

A successful scan will place a basic home lot with a grid. You can resize/rotate the home lot by pinching and rotating the screen. When it comes to editing, for best results, resize a room to fill the device screen. Tap, ‘Save AR Space’ to save the lot at that location.

Once an AR Space has been saved, Simmers can begin styling their brand new AR home with special Build Mode functionality. In AR Build Mode, all items you’ve unlocked in-game can be placed as many times as you wish. There is no cost to placing items in AR mode.

Returning to a Saved AR Space

Select the saved AR space from the AR space menu. You will then need to match the space’s snapshot with the existing real-world location. Once the two match up, the house lot will appear (and you will be prompted again to save the Space).

You can also Relocate (and Delete) an AR house by tapping on the cog icon on the save AR Space.

Things you can do in AR Mode:

The main difference between AR mode and the regular game is that you use the device’s camera to move around the AR space. This allows you to get up close to your Sims and opens up a whole range of exciting new perspectives – inside, outside, and around your Sims’ houses. Zoom in, pan out, and explore!

Call any of your Sims to your AR home lot via the Sim Tracker. If your Sims have any pets, they can be called as well. Your Sims are free to interact with objects as they would in any other house lot!

Hosting a Multiplayer Session

Grab a fellow Simmer and together, build a paradise fit for your Sims in real-time! Make sure your Simmer Friend is in close proximity and they have AR. When in your AR space, tap the blue Multiplayer button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Your device will immediately begin searching and bring up a list of nearby AR-ready Simmers. Invite your friend to join in AR!

Joining a Multiplayer Session

If you want to visit a Simmer’s house in AR, you will need to be close to the hosting Simmer. When the Host taps the Multiplayer button, you will need to tap the Search button at the bottom of the AR Spaces menu.

You will come upon the Host’s list, so when they tap ‘Connect’, match their space (use the image in the bottom right corner of your screen), their house will appear and you can jump in and start collaborating on their ultimate house in real-time.

Other Notes about AR

●      Sims will remain in AR until they are called home.

●      Simmers cannot take what is in AR with them back to the normal game. AR mode items cannot be sold or stored. Because AR build-mode items are free, they disappear if removed.

●      Invited Guest Simmers cannot interact with the host’s Sims and they cannot bring in their own Sims.

●      Simmers cannot collect any kinds of resources in AR.

●      Simmers will not receive any XP from doing tasks within AR.

●      Actions can be cancelled in AR for no cost.

●      Simmers will not gain any Quest progression by interacting with objects in AR.

●      Sim Motives are set to 50% in AR and do not increase/decrease while visiting an AR Home Lot.

●      Sims cannot undergo an Ultimate Makeover or Have a birthday in AR Mode.

Eligible Devices

The Sims FreePlay AR feature is supported by iOS 12 and devices with A9, A10, A11 or A12 chips, which include:

●      iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

●      iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

●      iPhone SE

●      iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 or 12.9) – both first-gen and 2nd-gen

●      iPad (2017)

●      iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

●      iPhone X

●      iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

Go forth, and explore the Sims Freeplay from a fresh and unique perspective!

Download the Brilliant Backyards Update now*!

*Network fees may apply

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