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The Sims 4 Get Famous: Del Sol Valley Map & Lot Details


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The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack comes with a brand new world called Del Sol Valley – an LA / Hollywood inspired world that comes with 3 neighborhoods (and 1 career neighborhood) in total.

The Sims 4 Get Famous: Del Sol Valley Map & Lot Details

During Sims Camp we were able to capture all the details about this world including households, lots, venues and neighborhood details. Check out the breakdown of each neighborhood down below:

Mirage Park

Description: With reasonably priced homes and so close to downtown, Mirage Park is the perfect place for an up and coming star to start their rise to fame.


  • 50×40 Empty Lot
  • 40×30 Empty Lot
  • 40×30 Lot occupied by the Jeong Household

The Pinnacles

Description: Fit for the rich and famous, The Pinnacles boast the most expensive homes in all of Del Sol Valley. If you want to live here you need to make it big!


  • 64×64 Empty Lot
  • 50×40 Lot occupied by the Ward Household
  • 50×40 Lot occupied by the Bailey-Mon Household

Starlight Boulevard

Description: When it comes to night life Starlight Boulevard can not be beat. Where only the most famous Sims have access to the most exclusive night club in town. It is where the who’s who of the industry come to show off.


  • 30×30 Lot – Orchid A Go Go (Lounge)
  • 20×20 Lot – Ward Park (National Park)
  • 40×30 Lot – Studio PBP (Lounge)
  • 40×30 Lot – Plumbob Pictures Museum (Museum)
  • 30×30 Lot – Pectoral Fitness (Gym)

Acting Career Hidden Neighborhood

This neighborhood can only be accessed as a part of the active Acting Career. Once your Sim has successfully managed to get an acting gig you’ll be able to join them and control their actions as they try to finish off their acting performance.


  • 1 Active Career Lot (cannot be edited in Build Mode)

The world is treated as a regular world and can be found at the end of the World Menu, as we captured in the picture below:

The Sims 4 Get Famous: Del Sol Valley Map & Lot Details

We’ve also captured and went into detail with each neighborhood and lot that comes with Del Sol Valley including a detailed breakdown of every single lot and space. Check it out!

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