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The Sims Mobile’s Halloween Haunt is the Best Event Yet

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If you’ve played The Sims Mobile, you might be familiar with the standard event setup the game has stuck to for quite a while now. You earn some kind of event currency through events and quests to purchase goodie bags. The goodie bags pay out a random reward which could be a new limited-edition item, or just existing currency from the game (simoleons, fashion gems, SimCash, heirloom tokens).

Of course, the best prizes were also the rarest and since the goodie bags gave out random items, you were never guaranteed the item you actually wanted. You could end up with a dozen chairs and tables and no new clothes or gameplay items. In fact, that’s exactly what most players ended up with no matter how much money they spent or how dedicated they were to playing the event.

While I have a massive amount of respect for the Gurus and all the hard work they put into a game I love, I have to admit these events were a big disappointment for me. They didn’t get me excited at all. I felt frustrated by them and eventually just stopped participating in them all together. What was the point of working so hard day and night to earn lots of event currency if there was a high chance I would never receive any of the best rewards no matter how much I played? I wasn’t the only player who felt this way, either. This was a common complaint about The Sims Mobile‘s events echoed by many other players across various platforms.

Enter the Halloween Haunt Event!

The Sims Mobile’s Halloween Haunt is the Best Event Yet

Wow! I am just blown away! As soon as I saw the Halloween Haunt Event show up in my game, I thought “The Gurus are listening! They’re paying attention to what we want! This is exactly what players have been wanting in an event and they delivered it at 150%!

So what specifically makes the Halloween Haunt Event better than previous events? For starters, players can pick and choose their own rewards. We aren’t forced into buying heaps of these random goodie bags with mostly mediocre items inside. If we see something we really want, we can save up our candy corn to buy that specific item. This alone makes the game a lot more engaging and rewarding for dedicated players. Instead of rewards not being guaranteed, players know that if they earn X amount of candy corn, they can buy the exact reward they really want. This makes players more motivated to participate and to give the event their all.

On top of the rewards you can purchase with your candy corn, you’ll get rewards automatically for reaching a certain threshold. You don’t need to spend any of your candy corn to receive these prizes, you just get them for playing! How awesome is that?

The Sims Mobile’s Halloween Haunt is the Best Event Yet

Worried that free players don’t have a chance to get anything good from this event? Don’t be! You’ll need 16,700 candy corn to get both grand prizes of the event (the heirloom and the Undead Bride costume) which seems like a lot, but when you factor in all the ways to earn candy corn (three new Halloween events, random normal events, the candy corn bowl, and the LlamaZoom tasks) and how long the event runs, this is very doable for free players! Plus 16,700 candy corn is a lot of candy corn to spend on whatever rewards you like. Even if you don’t get everything in this event, you can walk away with an armload of goodies if you play your cards right. I’ve already gotten the horse mask, witch hat, can do headwear and the first two cumulative prizes and it’s only day three!

As if all that wasn’t enough to delight players, this event is packed with so many amazing details, from the revamped Downtown area complete with spooky theme music, to new hilarious spooky animations and actions, to an array of beautiful new costumes, furnishings and decor.

The Sims Mobile’s Halloween Haunt is the Best Event Yet

The Halloween Haunt Event is without a doubt the most fun I’ve ever had playing an event in The Sims Mobile. I hope this marks the beginning of more events set up in this manner. This enthusiastic author wants to say thank you to every person on The Sims Mobile team who contributed to putting such an ambitious event together for all players to enjoy.

Thank you for listening and thank you for making our Halloweens truly special!

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sims Community or the rest of its staff.

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