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The Sims 4: First Person Camera Feature Overview

Presented by EA Game Changers

The Sims Team is releasing a brand new camera mode for The Sims 4 Base Game – the First Person Camera Mode!

With the First Person Camera you are able to jump straight into your Sims’ eyes and see exactly what they see, allowing you to move around through commands and interact with your surroundings in the 1st person view!

To access the First Person Camera all you have to do is press Shift + Tab on your keyboard and the camera will right away shift to first person view.

You’ll be able to control your Sims and move them through space by clicking the ground and selecting “Go Here”. There’s also a new UI addition which will appear every time you hover over the ground, giving you more sense about the space that your Sim may want to walk to.

Closed rooms won’t be a problem to get out of! All you have to do is press Right Click and select the outside area that you want to approach. You also have an option to press Shift + Select a Door to exit the room that you’re currently in!

Interacting with Sims and objects is easy! Simply move around your Sim’s head using your mouse until the center of the camera points to the item you want to interact with. You’ll be able to perform all interactions and actions that you normally would in the regular “Dollhouse” Camera Mode.

While selecting an interaction of your choice you’ll also bring up the mouse, which will allow you to interact with the user interface. You can fully switch to controlling the user interface by holding the Shift key.

The first person camera mode will also influence your Sim’s head movements! If you turn the camera around and observe your Sim in the mirror you’ll notice that they’ll move their head according to your camera movements.

Beside being able to jump into the perspective of all Sims including Toddlers and up you’ll also be able to see what your Cats and Dogs see! You can do so by jumping into the First Person Camera mode and switching between household members using the left <- and right -> navigation keys on your keyboard.

You won’t be able to control your pets (at least not without the Active Pets Mod) but you will be able to move around the camera and see the things they see!

Being inside of a room and switching into First Person Camera will automatically bring up all the walls and stories to the max so that you’ll get a full feeling of living inside of a home!

Taking screenshots and / or videos won’t be a problem in first person mode. If the User Interface is getting in your way and you want to capture a moment without it simply press the Tab key to eliminate the UI.

Interactions such as WooHoo and Rabbit Holes that your Sim disappear into for a specific moment will automatically bring back the regular camera mode. For example in the screenshot below my Sims were about to WooHoo but just in the right moment the camera switched back to the regular mode.

The First Person Camera Mode is coming to The Sims 4 along with all of the other features such as Terrain Tools, Style Influencer Career and more in a Free Game Update on November 13th, 2018.

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