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Upcoming Official Livestreams and 2 Maxis Monthly Dates Revealed


As SimGuruKate has wrapped up The Sims Team’s second Maxis Monthly Livestream, she later revealed on Twitter the upcoming plans for Livestreams for the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019, as well as shared dates for the next two Maxis Monthly Livestreams.

The next official livestream that we can expect is for The Sims 4 Get Famous that’s happening this Friday – November 9th at 11AM PT where The Sims Team will be covering the new Del Sol Valley World as well as some of the gameplay objects.

Next, she revealed that there’s going to be another Maxis Monthly Livestream happening on December 4th. After that, there won’t be any more official livestreams for the end of the year as The Sims Team will be doing some stream setup upgrades.

The 4th Maxis Monthly Livestream is scheduled on January 8th, 2018 which will also commence the biweekly schedule of Guru Garage Livestreams. If you’re looking to know what each of these livestreams could bring CLICK HERE!

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