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Tumblr’s new Community Guidelines are hurting Simblrs

Tumblr has issued a public statement announcing that it will no longer allow adult content on its platform and simblrs are not happy about it.

According to the announcement, the proposed changes are scheduled to take place on December 17th of this year, but Simmers are already receiving notifications that posts on their simblrs have been flagged for adult content.

An excerpt from Tumblr’s announcement. Full statement linked below.

The Simming Community has always had a large presence on Tumblr. Simmers who frequent the site refer to their Sims blogs as “simblrs.” Storytellers in particular have been hit hard by the announcement. The new Community Guidelines will heavily restrict the freedom of storytellers to explore and address sensitive plots and social issues; something that has long been celebrated in the community.

However, NSFW simblrs are not the only ones affected. Many family-friendly simblrs are being mistakenly targeted by this change as well.

What do you think about Tumblr’s new content policy? Let us know in the comments or contact us on social media.

You can read Tumblr’s full statement here.

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  • It’s completely effing bullshit. And I do not apologize for my wording. First off, they just drop that on us like a bomb, already in effect – even on SKIN cc because apparently a man in briefs is a sexual content…. like wow … i have seen sleeping dog screenshots being flagged. Their algorithm was apparently put together by a 5 year old.

    I was under the impression that the hashtag NSFW existed for a specific restrictive and security measure type of a reason but apparently that’s not enough. Even if one’s blog has been labelled as such – it’s no longer sufficient. Glorious.

    Well, the more posts i read, the more people are finding alternatives and Tumblr is a heavy risk of losing an interesting load of it’s users – too bad for them.

    • I agree and I am just as pissed because of it.

      Totally different thing but a similar situation: I used to he on websites hosted by “Proboards” which are basically message board anyone can create for free and I along with a good chunk of people used them for literary role play boards (basically taking fandoms choosing characters and telling group fanfiction/stories).

      When I first joined up on sites and started creating them when I was 13 their Terms of Service was loose and you could get away with a lot like anything adult content could be put in a Password Protected board on your site and as site admin you used judgement on who got access to that board or you could just tag your thread as containing adult themes or NSFW.

      But as the years went on they got so strict that writing out a simple kissing scene between two characters would have your site flagged and put on their grid.

      And how strict they got dropped much like how tumblr just did. Its like the servers were being ran by bible thumping prudes who have a pole so dar up their ass its tickling their brain stem.

      I know if things dont pan out for me soon as a user locked out of my account because of a simple issue with 2 step verification and the support staff not helping me at all even though i have been begging for help since october I’ll have to find a new platform.

      This shit is so fucking rediculous….

      • I’m moving to WordPress and Blogger — and are you kidding me ?? a written Kissing scene ?? Bloody hell….. i loved that line about the pole so far up up their asses it tickles their brain cells but it leaves me to question if they have any brain cells left up there —

        seriously i don’t know who has coded the algorithm but it cannot logically be an adult programmer; with the amount of … i mean landscapes get flagged… i cannot believe than a capable thinking adult human have can be this bad at coding and have landed this contract….

  • I’m a small simblr (satyricalsims go follow while you still can i guess lmao) and tbh I’ve never posted anything that I thought NSFW other than having some general cussing here and there. However comma, some of my posts (most of them being the posts from stories that I’m v proud of) have been flagged for literally no reason. I’ve sent review requests on all of them, because when I clicked “learn more” it took me to a blank page lol. Honest to God just over it and tumblr in general, mainly because I know other blogs have been much more affected by this than me. But like, still, totally innocent pictures/story updates about my sims that you could read with your grandmother have been flagged. So yeah, whatever.

  • If Thmblr really wants to work on something to “improve their site” they need to work on their support dept. and how cases are handle, Tumblr has had me fuming since October.

    I had to reboot my phone and lost access to my account from the mobile app and when I tried logging in from my Browser on my PC it had reset so i was kicked off my log in – upon trying to log in it asked for 2 step authentication.

    I did not set up 2 step and email and password are correct and resetting password is a flunk as well for the same reason as logging in.

    I contact support they ask for me to email them back with authentication from my account assigned email, I do so, then they tell me its not my registered email despite sending photographic proof of the reset password email I received to the registered email which clearly shows from them to said email for named blog.

    It stops me from posting photo manips I do in Photoshop for graphics of fandoms I follow, stops me from accessing simmers who post CC and other sim related stuff, and cuts me off from a large source of images I use in my art with permission from the owners of the images.

    Its now December and I cannot access, post or even really create anything because they won’t get back to me via email to support requests which i have sent numbers of nor respond to me calling them out on twitter.

    This shit blows. they are cracking down on something that isn’t even an issue and in the process hurting some peoples livelyhoods.

    Yes there is some nasty stuff on tumblr but there is a difference between NSFW and straight up porn and shit that should never see the light of day and by flagging anything and everything the way they are its insane and hurting a lot of people. I’ve seen a post on twitter showing a Sims 4 screen shot being red flagged and its a adult sim cooking pasta. PASTA PEOPLE!

    As a friend of mine said, once again Boobs are being deemed a problem over bigger things such as violence.

    I hope they get their shit together soon or I will have to find another place to post mine, and find other peoples content.

  • Just to put a cherry on the cupcake;

    the banner header picture for my youtube channel, two sim faces (one upside down, one in a normal way) got flagged as NSFW (Faces! not even bodies) and yet, just yesterday, December 4th, this adult blog “Daphne-mg” followed me – i go check it out – it’s porn! With definitely explicit commentary under naked women laying on her back hands on her breasts squishing them (a .gif image) and other posts of female butts with equally explicit commentary — BUT NONE OF THOSE POSTS ARE FLAGGED. Isn’t that interesting. A female butt, fake boobs (covered by some tiny tank top) and alluring titles – no problem what so ever – but sims naked bodies ; omg we have to flag that – it’s inappropriate!

    On another interesting flip of events; I have seen this post reblogged where people search keywords like boobs : no results, tits : no resuts, white power : results with blogs, genocide, white power : blogs appear — so a single little female breast is the end of tumblr but blatant racist blogs are A-Okay.

  • Somebody needs to seriously look into sueing this company because it’s a valid case where they are flagging content that clearly is NOT identified as NSFW such as a landscape build where there is no content relative to sexuality. I say sue them and watch their company go down in flames. If anyone knows of a way to start a class-action lawsuit I saw do it.