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The Sims 4: Unlocking Hidden Interactions on the Lin-Z Smart Speaker


Now that the Lin-Z Smart Speaker is no longer a game breaker for The Sims 4 we can finally dive deeper into the hidden features that this object has to offer! Sure, it’s fun to fill your Social Need moodlet bar by just talking to a piece scraps but there’s more than it meets the eye..

By constantly socializing with your Smart Speaker your Sim will be able to build an actual relationship with the speaker. You’ll be able to keep track of your relationship progress in the Relationships Panel or by simply hovering over the Lin-Z Smart Speaker. While still being acquintances with the Smart Speaker your Sims won’t be able to achieve a lot by ordering the speaker to do certain interactions considering that the first few relationship points means that the speaker will have a mind of its own. Telling the speaker to order a pizza or play music won’t always bring the outcome that you’re looking for, but that can thankfully be improved by constantly socializing with the speaker. The interaction that I found to be the most effective is “Order…”. Whether you’re ordering a Pizza, a Repairman or a Maid, the relationship points will almost certainly skyrocket and you’ll become friends with this piece of technology in no time.

Being friends with the Smart Speaker means that you’ll get to enjoy a special branch of new interactions exclusive on the Lin-Z Smart Speaker. There are 3 new interactions that you’ll unlock after becoming friends, including:

  • Set Wakeup Routine…
    • Daily Affirmation
    • News Briefing
    • Daily Joke

If you’ve placed the Lin-Z Smart Speaker close to your bed that means that your Sim will be spoken to by the speaker as soon as they wake up. Daily Affirmation will give your Sim a happy moodlet, Daily Joke will give a playful moodlet and the News Briefing option will give your Sim a focused moodlet.

However, that’s not all! Becoming Best Friends with the Smart Speaker means that you’ll get a special “Ask About a Secret” interaction which will reveal 3 hidden Simlish words. These Simlish words can be used to speak to the real life smart speaker – Alexa. If you have The Sims Skill configured on your Alexa device then all you have to do is clearly pronounce the following 3 words in Simlish:

  • Farble
  • Doofka
  • Chumcha

While having The Sims Skill opened you’ll immediately unlock the hidden Simlish word. There are plenty of other Simlish words that you can uncover by just talking to Alexa!

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