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The Sims Mobile: Quest For Love, Valentine’s Event Head Start Quest Walkthrough

Presented by EA Game Changers

The Sims Mobile has just started with their latest quest called the Quest For Love! This is a Head Start Quest for the upcoming Valentine Event that we assume begins next week.

The thing about Head Start Quests is that they’re crucial for big Events that they’re preparing the player for. For example, the previous Winterfest Head Start Quest helped you unlock items that made the events for the actual Winterfest Event much shorter so you could complete the events quickly and get the tokens you need in time.

Down below you can check out the full walkthrough of the Quest For Love Quest!

  • Part 1: Complete events to earn Simoleons (30 Simoleons).
  • Part 2: Complete Practice Reciting Love Poems at a mirror or vanity.
  • Part 3: Complete an event.
  • Part 4: Earn 250 Simoleons.
  • Part 5: Complete an event.
  • Part 6: Change your appearance.
  • Part 7: Earn 650 Simoleons.
  • Part 8: Complete any 5 events.
  • Part 9: Earn 800 Simoleons
  • Part 10: Complete 1 Long Event in any Career, Relationship, or Hobby.
  • Part 11: Give stickers to 5 Sims.
  • Part 12: Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
  • Part 13: Earn 800 Simoleons.
  • Part 14: Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
  • Part 15: Complete an event.
  • Part 16: Earn 1,000 Simoleons.
  • Part 17: Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
  • Part 18: Complete 1 Long Event in any Career, Relationship, or Hobby.
  • Part 19: Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards.
  • Part 20: Earn 1,000 Simoleons.
  • Part 21: Complete 3 Long Events in any Career, Relationship, or Hobby.
  • Part 22: Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards. (2 times)


Down below you can check out the full overview of all the quest steps and the items that you can unlock with each one:

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  • As usual, this will be impossible to complete without spending a sh–t-ton of actual money. I have a full-time job and I have to, you know, sleep sometimes. These are WAY too many time-consuming tasks for four days. Seriously considering quitting this game entirely — they keep making it harder and less fun. Then harder and less fun again.

    • Actually it is possible to finish if you time everything right ex. While collecting 800 coins also start lama zoom task so by the time you’ve collected the money on the current task you’ll be almost if not done the lama zoom which would be the next task and then one to the next thing. The great thing about knowing the events before they happen is that you can prepare and like the first 12 task are quick. So even with a full time job and getting proper sleep it is doable

    • I spent a shit ton of money (because got sick) and I STILL won’t be able to finish it! Agree with you 1000%, I’m home all day every day and still can’t complete these things! It’s supposed to be a game right?

  • I agree with Lauren – too much to do do finish any quest, especially the Complete all LlamaZoom tasks. Since this has been introduced, it has pretty much ruined the game for me. I keep thinking “oh it will get better” but I think it’s time to move on to something less stressful to try and finish as this should be fun to waste time on.
    Get rid of LlamaZoom and come up with something more interesting and fun.
    I used to spend little money here and there but refuse to on something that is no long fun.

    • @Peggy Stephenson Get this. When the Illuminati Quest happened it cost some of us 3 energy and we would only get 10 stars instead of the usual cost of 1 energy (lightning is what I call it but I digress) to do the quests. Knew something was wrong so I went to the bug report and reported it as a bug. Found out when I was reporting it that this also that this also happens in whatever their cutesy name is for the Doctor career that I’m too disabled, lazy or w/e but not looking up. The Doctor not the Surgeon. I’m not into cutesy names and yes I’m quite blunt. Long story short, we were told that we would NOT be receiving any compensation for the problem and to basically suck it up if we don’t finish. We were “helping with next time” (by us reporting the bug) is how I believe it was said. Paraphrasing of course but that’s the jest of it. Nothing! Doesn’t that make you want to spend more real life money? So when you say you’re moving on to something else less stressful because “oh it’s going to get better”, I’m telling you from my experiences that you’re absolutely correct! Problem is these people people half read and ASSume they’ve heard this all before, issues never get truly addressed and /or fixed but patched until they break again. Then the circle goes around.