EA Play 2019 Announced

EA have announced that EA Play will be returning for 2019. The event which is in its fourth year, will be running from the 7th-9th June at the Hollywood Palladium.

You can find out more in the article from EA below.


2019 will mark our fourth year of EA PLAY. What we envisioned as a celebration of play has become an incredible moment that we love to share with the community each year. We are so grateful for all our fans who have joined us, and we look forward to making this year an even better experience.

This year you’ll see less talk and more play, with an event entirely focused on the heartbeat of EA PLAY: our player communities and the games they love.

  • First hands-on with some of our biggest games.
  • Exclusive content from some of the most popular creators in the world.
  • Free for all to attend.

It all starts this year on Friday night, June 7, 2019, with an all-new EA PLAY kickoff event. We’re skipping the press conference this year and are replacing it with multiple live streams that will air during the first two days of the event, bringing you more of what you’ve told us you want – more gameplay and insights from the teams making the games.

Weekends are meant for play, and this year we’ve moved the EA PLAY fanfest to Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9 where players will get hands-on with our games. We’ll also have content creators streaming live from our Creator’s Cave in the Hollywood Palladium providing gameplay content to our players viewing online. will be the home for all online EA PLAY content. Players can get behind-the-scenes with our games via exclusive gameplay reveals, developer talks and breaking news.

But that’s enough talk for now, we’ve got plenty more to show in the months ahead.

Tickets will be available next month, so stay tuned over the coming weeks and months to learn more about EA PLAY 2019, including the games, ticket availability, program schedule and more.

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  • hmmmm… a bit more important things going on in the community rather than focussing on EA Play don’t you think???

      • Is this where we accuse a fan site of things like people we doing with simsvip because they didn’t run their website the way some people wanted instead of said people creating their own website?

    • If you’re implying what recently happened (which has been going on in this community for years back around ts2 and ts3 days), why not just talk about it responsibly then being snarky? Not everyone knows about it, including the most recent incident, and some people are triggered by it due to their own past so that should be taken in account with discussing. The community as a whole should be on the look out for this (and many other horrid behaviors that are glossed over or ignored) and not expect others to spread the awareness. It’s all of our responsibilities to improve a rather toxic community.

      For anyone who isn’t aware of what I currently going on but being implied, please refer to the tweets from Kate (guru).

      • I wouldn’t have even known about it if it wasn’t for one of the comments on this website. What’s wrong with spreading awareness? I had no idea otherwise. It’s actual news about the sims 4 community, they should totally cover it. No one’s being snarky except for you, white knight.

        • Wow, you’re accusing someone of supporting pedophiles because they’re not operating their website the way you want to? Yet here you are coming back to said website so obviously you don’t care, Coco despite your tantrum. How did you know exactly what was occurring from the two comments before mine about what is going on when they didn’t say anything specific? There was no spreading of awareness whatsoever. There wasn’t even a concerned voice but snark that went over your head. An example of concern would be: “Hey I saw something about an accusation of pedophilia. Can you tell me what’s going on?” There’s no implying anything or fake concern there.

          • First of all, I didn’t say that the site is supporting pedophiles by not publishing an article on what’s happening. My comment was directed to another commenter who said that they only care about news concerning the game itself. I don’t understand how you managed to miss that. Second of all, I said that I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for a comment on this WEBSITE. This isn’t the only comment section on this website. Once again, not sure how you missed that. You’re either misreading my comments or trolling. Hopefully this will help you understand that most of what you just said isn’t relevant and doesn’t make sense.