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The Sims 4: The Official Beaker Household Now Available on The Gallery

The Sims Team is continuing with their tradition of bringing back households from previous Sims titles into The Sims 4!

This week they’re bringing back the Beaker Household who’s known to be living in Strangetown from The Sims 2 Base Game.

These Sims can be found on The Gallery under the Maxis Origin ID! You can also search for official Household recreations by using the #MaxisCreates hashtag in The Gallery.

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    • They should create a Sims 4: Need for Speed game pack which adds a mini racing game where you can race to work with your sims. They should just mash it all together and create a super franchise!

    • @Anonymous, Sims Community is not part of EA so they have nothing to do with requests like this. You will have better luck mentioning this on an official EA Sims 4 site. ;)

  • So… My mind turns questions as to WHY the Beaker family fro. the Sims 2 game is being re-released…. Could it be a link between recently released Strangeville and a new pack or patch or future addition to the Sims 4 game that is on its way…?? This ‘Specific’ family carried out experiments if I’m not mistaken… So maybe it could link the science career and medical career and other areas together? Would be cool if it includes aliens perhaps on another level and brings back abductions (seems to have dried up lately) or maybe even creates major reactions to chemical / potion testing…

    • @MuddyPuddles13 and @Draven, did you try the “Maxis Curated” filter and the “Households” filter? That’s how I was able to find the Beaker family! :)

  • Man SC is getting behind on news.

    No word on the Smith family who’ve been up for 2 days, and no word at all on the DylanSimz/Kate/Steve controversy which broke like 3 weeks ago.

    SimsVIP *hates* Sims 4 and even they’re more up-to-date than a supposed fansite.