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The Sims 4: Upcoming Patch to Fix PLENTY of Issues

The Sims Team has announced yesterday that they’ll be revealing some of the new content today for The Sims 4 coming in next week’s patch!

Although we still don’t know what new things will they be showing off, we did get a confirmation from SimGuruNick that the upcoming patch will solve PLENTY of issues and bugs currently present in the game. He also stated that this patch is one of the biggest issue-solving patches that we’ve gotten for The Sims 4, with even some of the more complex bugs being solved.

We’ll keep you posted about all the issues this update will solve on our website!

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  • Okay what about CONSOLE we have issues as well with the game how about look at console for a change and fix stuff that’s wrong with it.

  • Waiting on a post about which bugs. The game is almost unplayable for me at this point. Sim lag, Sims just standing around. Even with the simulation lag mood it’s there.

    • that is not only game wise,if you have a older computer your game will be slower with all the add ons. so don`t blame alway`s ea for the lag problem.also the more mods and cc you have the slower the game get (because it has to install it everytime)

      • It doesn’t have to install it every time… and I get the sim lag without any mods at all and with a computer that can more than handle games even more resource-intensive than The Sims 4. The lag wasn’t a problem when the game first came out for me.

  • The cheats on counsel need to be able to actually be active per say the “sims buff pregnancy” ect. I think they should come out with a new add on that would be something along the lines of farming with sims, that would be dope. Horses”cows pigs ect

  • This bug fix is to late for some people, I have already uninstalled the game and have no intention of downloading it again for some time. It played fine untill 2 days ago when it just wstopped loading, I got a message saying its already running, Spent near on 2 days trying various fixes. Just had it with origin for now il cut my loses now and look for other games to spend my money on.

    • i just uninstall origin and reinstall it with each new patch. the game had issues following updates almost every time before, and one day customer service told me to uninstall and reinstall origin. i haven’t had a single issue since i learned that trick.