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MC Command Center has been updated for the latest version of The Sims 4

MC Command Center – I use it, you probably use it, the entire community basically uses it and today’s The Sims 4 update has broken it.

Luckily Deaderpool, the creator of this Mod has issued a hot fix update of MC Command Center!

The only thing we’ve noticed so far that was broken by today’s Sims 4 update is that EA changed something in their translation process that was ignoring strings defined by mods under certain circumstances.  So, both the mc_cmd_center.package and the mc_woohoo.package files have been updated to make them work with the update today.  That will fix the issue we were having with blank buttons everywhere.


You can get the hot fix update of his mod right now by clicking the button below!


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  • First will I thank you for the best Mod of them all!! Without your mod, had I stopped playing for a long time ago:-)
    Second I get a 404 error while trying to click on the blue download button.