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The Sims 4: Custom Content Text Strings to be Fixed in the next Update

Ever since The Sims 4’s latest update for PC / Mac many Custom Content users have reported seeing broken text and missing interactions on Custom Content items and custom interactions added with Mods / CC.

Thankfully SimGuruGraham has issued a statement on The Sims Forums saying that they’ll be fixing this issue in the upcoming update. Until then he also provided a temporary workaround for Custom Content creators that don’t want to wait until the next update arrives:

Hi all,

Those of you who play with mods or custom content may have noticed that some custom text (names, descriptions, etc) that is part of a mod/CC have either gone blank, or switched to displaying “**DEBUG**” (on game version PC / Mac This was an unintentional side effect of the 4/16 update. The Sims 4 team is planning on releasing another update in the near future specifically to address this issue, which will restore the text as it was displayed previously.

Technical info:

The issue we’ve identified is that any user-generated content authored using strings in string tables with non-zero group ids will show up in-game as blank. Changing string tables to use 0x00000000 for group id can be used as a temporary workaround for creators who do not want to wait until the next update. The next update will not cause conflicts with this workaround. Long term, we do recommend that mod/cc creators have the top bit set to avoid conflicts with Maxis created content.



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    • @ Hannah I haven’t come across that complain associated with this but. If you still have mods in your game you should take them out and delet the localcache file then download the updated mods. Maybe you have a corrupt cc. Does your game just crash or does it give you an error message.

  • This is great news! I thought the mods I had were corrupt. I have another issue, though. When in a club reunion (meeting? I play the game in french), when my sim socializes, the relatiinship improves, but it immediately goes down as well, meaning that there’s actually no improvement at all! Haha it’s hard to make friends that way. I’ve tried it with other sims and it keeps happening. I was wondering if you guys are aware of this or if this isn’t a bug.

    • Huh I’ve never tried that before however it may be a simple bug. You could try to cheat in relationships with cheats but if you wanna play without cheats I don’t know what to say about it.

    • @AlexaGD, it sounds like a bug! Go to EA Answers HQ in the Bug Reports section here:
      You can do a search to see if the bug has already been reported. (If it has, then click the “Me Too” button and then add your experience to the bottom of the thread.)
      If it hasn’t been reported already, then please create a bug report so it is brought to their attention!

  • As a CC Creator, I can safely say I’ve never been within a mile of any strings, string tables or group IDs. Presumably we are relying on the creators of Sims4Studio, etc to change this in their software?

  • Hi! Is the new update out there? I´m currently playing offline because I still wanted to play with mods and I know that it takes up to few days for the creators to update them, so I would like to know if the new Fridays-update is out now?

  • Since the update for console when I’m on build mode instead of deleting an bokect when I press triangle, it just duplicates the object. I never used to do that please fix it!