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More clues are adding up that The Sims 5 is currently being developed

Today SimGuruLyndsay, General Manager for The Sims Franchise has made a rather important announcement that doesn’t actually seem so important at first.

She announced that SimGuruDuke, who previously worked on The Sims Mobile is stepping into the role as a Senior Producer for The Sims 4. This role was previously taken by Grant Rodiek who worked as a Senior Producer on The Sims 4 all the way back from 2011 to this date.

The tweet mentioned that Grant Rodiek will from now on work on “a number of important and awesome Maxis things”. He’ll also no longer be sharing development talk regarding The Sims 4, considering that it’s no longer a Maxis game that he’s working on.

So, how does this add up more receipts beside the ones we’ve found a few months ago that a New Sims Title is in development?

This would be Grant’s first important role switch in years – more specifically the first one in the last 8 years.

Grant’s work history clearly shows that he’s made a role switch only when he started working on a whole new Sims Title, including:

  • The Sims 3 (Lead & Associate Producer) from September 2005 to November 2010
  • The Sims 4 (Producer & Senior Producer) from 2011 to 2019

Also remember that it’s already known that EA had been looking for new people to join their new and small team of veterans (which could now also include Grant Rodiek) working on the next Sims Title.

One of the key things the career application had mentioned was:

  • Work closely with the Art Director, Production and Creative Director to create a vision for the game as we develop its initial look
  • Create a wide variety of concepts including characters, fashion designs, pose sheets and props
  • Create skin, cloth, eye and hair shading studies
  • Create a wide variety of concepts including vistas, structures, organic and hard surface props and vehicles
  • Create lighting schemes and color palettes that capture the tone of the world
  • Create environment mood paintings, lighting studies, color keys and scripts
  • Create concept model proxies as well as produce work of ranging styles and detail levels

All of the career listings mentioned creating a new Sims Game entirely from scratch, and it could be highly possible that Grant is now a part of that development process.

CLICK HERE for the full career listings for the next Sims Title!

If all of this is pointing towards the new Sims game (The Sims 5 or whatever The Sims Team decides to name it) we could expect its announcement and release in the next 2 to 5 years, according to Grant’s previous work history and the development process length we’re aware it took to create The Sims 3 and The Sims 4.

Until then, do remember that The Sims 4 still has a lot of content planned for the next several years!

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    • TRUE!! I HOPE most families and backstories from Sims 2 and 3 will be there in 5! I WANT THE TEA and all the family conspiracies :P <3

  • Such bs. They aren’t even finished with Sims 4, shouldn’t even be contemplating starting sims 5 until a few years from now and THEN start thinking about it. They really just messed sims 4 up so bad and wasted so many people’s money only to say “screw it” and make sims 5. I’m continuing to lose so much respect for the team.

    • Jestem z Polski i popieram Cię tyle ludzi kupiło The Sims 4 a wy chcecie stworzyć The Sims 5 naprawdę. Lepiej by było jagbyście się zajęli The Sims 4

    • I disagree – The Sims 4 is clearly finished, and it’s exactly what they intended for it to become. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson.

        • SimGuruGrant has already confirmed that they have releases at least 3 years from now. Also, The Sims 5 is probably just starting, they probably aren’t even coding right now.

          • I disagree. Coding takes a lot of time and has nothing to do with concepts that they are looking for someone to work on. The practice in gaming industry is to start working on the new game as soon as one is released. The fact that they are looking for a concept artist means that they need someone to help them visualize their ideas. I believe that the engine for the game is already made and they are now going for implementing stuff in it and creating the actual game. You don’t hire a visual artist for a game that hasn’t even been coded yet.

    • It takes several years to develop a new game – at least 2-3 depending on complexity. By the time TS5 is ready, if they are indeed working on it, it will be 2021/2022, which will result in TS4 having a longer active lifespan than TS3. They launched TS3 in 2009, and 5 years later, they launched TS4 (2014). So on that schedule, it’s reasonable to at least work on TS5 now so that it’s at least close to being ready for launch when TS4 seriously winds down.

      That said, TS4 is in a much better state in terms of art/graphics and functionality than TS3 was at 5 years post-launch. It still has plenty of life left, meaning plenty of earning potential. I doubt EA would abandon TS4 this soon, as there’s still money to be made from actively developing it. There’s a lot of potential content on the table, too. So, again, it doesn’t mean TS5 is coming out “soon,” or that development on TS4 is ending – I think it just means TS5 is just getting going, and that other teams (with some of the lesser known devs) can manage TS4 because so much of the framework is in place and well established.

    • @Taylor, I don’t think they are saying “screw it, let’s make the Sims 5” — they were planning on making the Sims 5 eventually anyway! About 6 months ago they said there would be about 3 more years of TS4, which would make it the longest running version of the Sims. That’s hardly giving up and saying “screw it”. ;) Besides, if you still want to play TS4 you can! :) In fact if your computer can handle it, you can play TS4 *and* TS5! :-D

    • They created the sims 4 in one year while the sims 3 was still getting new dlcs
      You know how small 1 year is to create a game? They are just starting it sooner to end the sims 4 and start the sims 5

      • Thats not even slightly true, they changed large aspects of the game but the engine, art style and many of the tools were there, they just removed the online part.

    • Understand that it doesn’t take a day to make a game, especially for something as enriched as the sims. I believe that it is entirely possible that they are at least thinking of the sims 5.

    • That’s not how game development works, developing a game can take years depending on the team who are building it. Besides its another team who are working on the Sims 5 allowing the current one to work on Sims 4.
      Also look at it this way the sooner the game is in development the sooner the game will be ready. Sims 4 has another 2 years maybe 3 on the game, this would give them more time to work on the game and make sure it’s ready for the release.

  • I don’t appreciate it after I invested a lot of money on TS4 (which is far from completed) and there’s a talk about TS5. Let’s focus on what is in the present (TS4) than in the future where no one knows when, how, what or who will be leading it. I don’t like the idea of EA is keeping TS franchise like the FIFA. It’s annoying. Same gameplay just different name and nothing new. IF there is TS5, make it different & unique, all-in-one concept, no DLCs, and not like the predecessor series.

    • No DLC? Bad, bad idea. Before Sims 4 launched, they had a concept in mind where there was no DLC and you had to pay monthly fees in order to play with expansion pack content. I’d rather buy new DLC packs, rather than having a monthly subscription. (This was leaked on concept images)

      • Gus, you are right! A monthly subscription would be *horrible*!!! :_( >:(
        At least the way they do it now we get to choose what packs to buy, and if we can’t afford a new pack right when it comes out, we can always wait until we can afford it! :)

      • We could take consideration of the total cost that we need to pay to buy the DLCs and average it out to get the monthly subscription. For example, in a year, we would probably spend in average $100 (considering that I have paid more than $400 within 4 years now). If the monthly fee is $8 or less, we could probably spend less than what we should spend in a year. But, I totally get it, we’re not buying all the packs upon release or we don’t like the pack, but knowing that we just need to pay a small fee to gain the access to a new feature than not playing the new feature for another 3 to 6 months, I would rather pay for a fee then wait.

    • @Zam, they did the same thing with TS2, TS3, & TS4. I was really upset with them talking about TS3 when I was still *really* enjoying TS2!
      I don’t want an “all in one concept” because a game like that would be too expensive to buy in one payment. I look at the DLCs as buying something on an installment plan, or lay-away so that the game is easier to afford over time. I don’t want to spend $400 or more on a game! This also give players the opportunity to explore different aspects of the game bit by bit. If all the content is included at the start, there will be many aspects of the game that most people will never discover!

        • Got it, and totally understand your view on the all-in-one concept. I’m used to buying games one off instead of with a lot of DLCs (TS is the only game that I invested a lot for each series). The reason why I feel like the TS5 should be better in term of the series as a whole should include all the necessary or a standard game play such as season, university, pets, etc. I’m not totally against the DLCs, but it should be sold as to improve and enrich the existing feature. Say if the Season is in the base game, the DLCs should be coming with another world + add on to enhance the Season features, but not giving the Sims option to have a season through DLC. I have played this game since TS1. Nothing has changed and it has become a joke (at least among my siblings) that EA is ripping me off by selling those DLCs.

          • Zam, I agree that it would be great to get a new world or something equal with each DLC, at least with each EP and possibly with the GPs as well! :)

            But it isn’t good business to have their 2 most popular EPs already included in the base game, unless they jack up the price of the base game to compensate. But then, when the actual DLCs are released, most people will be complaining that they aren’t as game changing as a the Seasons DLC was with previous versions of the game. :-D LOL

            Also, while most people love the Cats&Dogs/Pets/Unleased packs, some people don’t like playing with pets and will be upset that the base game includes them and forces you to pay for them as content! (Granted, this will be a smaller group but if you’ve seen some of LGR’s YouTube videos on Unleased, and Pets, he isn’t one of those Simmers who really want’s pets in his game. I, on the other hand, think pets are necessary both in real life and in my game! :) )

            Yes, in some ways weather should be in the base game (and I don’t think anyone would be upset if it was), but I can’t blame EA for including it in an EP. What I *do* blame them for was that awful Sims Store in the latter part of TS2 and all of TS3! That was blatantly taking advantage of us! :(

            I’ve played the game sine TS1 also! :) Most women want expensive shoes all the time, so my husband thinks he’s lucky that for each Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, etc. all that I want is the latest Sims DLC! As for your siblings, if you think the packs are worth it, then it doesn’t matter what they think! ;) Gambling is a far worse hobby, and you are guaranteed statistically to be ripped off by doing that! But I understand how you would love to get your siblings off your back, at least where the Sims are concerned! LOL :-D

            Having played all 4 versions of The Sims, which is your favorite? While I love all of them, by far I think the best was TS2! It had such fantastic gameplay! <3

    • Yeah all of The Sims games have DLC content. It’s not like you have to stop playing The Sims 4, I haven’t stopped playing The Sims 3, and never will. I’ll play all 5 main Sim games and be happy.

  • Well, that would make sense seeing as a new title would take 2-3 years (or more) to fully develop – and maybe by that point, TS4 would have aged a bit more. The game doesn’t feel dated yet, and the art/design is holding up well. Plus, it seems like there’s still a lot of game content they can still put out, and as a successful business, they won’t abandon development and potential earnings too early (which would be the case if, say, this year was the last they put out expansions).

  • I’m seeing a lot of comment saying it’s too soon for the sims 5… not only do I disagree, but I think it’s obvious that even if they started work on sims 5 months ago it’ll still be YEARS before the game is released! Building a game takes time.

  • Maybe they learned their lesson from TS4 and will try to crate a solid base game for TS5 instead of launching something that looks like a Beta Test. And thus it will take them way longer to develop it, probably longer than the previous games. It would only make sense for them to start developing it now.

    • @Ilhem, you might be on to something…! While Ts4 looks amazing compared to other versions of the game, its initial gameplay was not as complex as those other versions, especially TS2. Most say that TS4 was intended to be on online game at first, but that was scrapped and that is why it seemed so bare-bones to many people; other people even say that it was intended as a Mobile game and that they changed that to be The Sims 4. I don’t know which of these, if any, are true, but if they learned from mistakes made, then we do have some hope that TS5 should be a step up.

      • @ Charlotte It was intended to be a mobile and clues left behind in the coding pointed to that. There are in depth articles floating around about that. The issue sims 4 had was its foundation (engine) and that resulted in the limitations the teams and fans have dealt with since its release. Ea, like any typical pro profit company, didn’t want to lose its investment so it pushed the release forward instead of scrapping it. It’s unfortunate because the game had such potential and it must be frustrating to for fans who ended up working on the game to see what ea did,

  • High end gamers need a proper Sims game too. I liked that Sims 4 catered to low performing PCs but they also need to step up with the graphically appealing games today

  • I hope that Sims 5 won’t have the issues and problems that 4 had. All of the stuff that had been left out is why I never left 3 for 4. I’m still not sure about going to 4 so that’s why I’m still playing 3.

    • Since ea finally got its wish to make the sims mobile for smartphones Im hoping there shouldn’t be an issue in that regards but the resources might be an issue since ea holds the purse strings and have been tight with it on TS4. Honestly if ea had done right by scrapping TS4 in its original attempt to be mobile and started fresh the limitations wouldn’t be as they are. So we unfortunately have to wait to see what the base game is like but the gurus are fully aware at this point of things a lot of players want and don’t want want from past games of this franchise so hopefully they’re able to deliver and ea doesn’t sabotage things again. As long as they complete TS4 then I’ll be certain to check out the next game in the franchise (I’m hoping they’re able to find a way to allow sims from TS4 to transfer over but it’s likely a long shot).

  • I hope they don’t make sims 5 because sims 4 is sooo good ,I’d only be ok with it if they made it so you could transfer all your sims 4 stuff into sims 5.Or they should just do a huge redesign/update to sims 4. But I still think that sims 4 is still great game and isn’t ready to be ‘replaced’ yet or labelled ‘obslete’ In a way.

    • They won’t be able to do a renovation of sims 4 as it’s basicslly set in stone and an overhaul also would be expensive and time consuming especially since their team isn’t big. I do wish for a transfer of at least sims because I’m rather fond of the ones I have. As long as they remain dedicated to sims 4 during the process of moving onto sims 5 I’ll be fine.

  • That doesn’t mean that there’s a new game being made, it could just mean that the next pack is going to be giant

    • There’s no possibility of a ‘giant pack.’ It’s either another product, or the leak is false.

    • It takes years for a game to be made, and the Sims franchise isn’t ending anytime soon – so while they’re not abandoning or cutting development on The Sims 4 (there’s still so much that needs to be released, which equals money for them) it’s expected that they start development soon to release in 3-4 years. It’s just stupid for this site to start hyping it this early because it makes the community think that The Sims 5 is going to drop sometime soon – which undermines the perceived stability/lifespan of TS4. I’m guessing it’s a result of the lack of any other updates to report on and the need to generate site traffic.

  • if the possible chances are creating a massive world like Sim City into the Sims that would be huge, and people gonna need some really beefy computer just to maintain it all. But would be nice to get a game in which there’s a new pack every 2 months. Seems like that’s been a lose cause as of late. Still a lot of people waiting for College/University to come out. While I am also looking forward to seeing a more wide scale concept involving Vacation pack or Sport Pack. Perhaps a VR idea in which you can literally feel as though you are in the game itself. Maybe add a Vehicle Pack in which you can learn to drive a car as a teen I bet that would drive many parents crazy. Perhaps bring in more realistic scenarios with Sims getting drunk, or something along those lines. You know make it as real as possible. But whatever is in the works you know the support will be there, just gotta listen to what the Simmers want.

  • We all know that if EA doesn’t bring back open world to the Sims 5, the franchise will collapse into obscurity (okay that was a little dramatic, but you get the gist of it).

    • lame, but fun fact, the sims 4 was originally meant to be an online mobile sims game, so that explains why the base game feels so lackluster as hell.

  • if you can make it like the sims\2\3 I will like the sims 5 about I do like the sims 4 you need to add more to it like you did on the sims 2 I have played the sims 1then 2 then 3 and then 4 so yes I love the sims

  • I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that he is an ex-mobile producer. I hope that The Sims 5 won’t be a online only, mobile styled game.

    • I do hope that they will at least open the neighbourhood up. Meaning no loading screen when going over to the neighbouring lots would be nice.

      And coming from a country will expensive Internet with lousy connection I hope they will still make it playable offline like TS4.

      • Yeah I hope the offline thing exists. I don’t have an issue with WiFi but I just have a stronger preference for offline unless I need the gallery. <_< plus I hate the almost constant origin updates so it would be great if the sims 5 wouldn’t have to rely on that but I doubt it.

    • pretty sure he’s already on it ready to destroy the game and ruin the solid fan base community, again.

  • How about sims in space? You build your sims starship home, etc and fly around in space with additional “worlds” to visit and get supplies needed. With supernatural visitors, some bad some good. Add in some military jobs, medics etc…all in the backdrop of space. Have the lighting move slowly like moving in space. I have alot of ideas, I played Space Station Sim when it came out, which by the way should be a smart phone game! It is so simple.

  • Well I’m a kind of person who will wait and see. The only things I wish they can bring back to the sims is open world , create a style , cars & a beach lol

  • Really hope they have at least the neighborhood open world, I miss the gossip and interactions you could see other people do. And it’s so boring when your family has some generations but everyone else just dies. Also feel the emotion thing was kinda boring because it just made their face expressions look different, and the traits in sims 4 didn’t work like the previous games, your sims traits just made them have a moodlet.

  • This is likely the announcement of the beginning of the end of another fantastic game, mercilessly murdered by EA.

  • A mi me gustaria que los sims 5 tengan de nuevo los vehiculos los estraño y poder ir donde trabajan y estudian los sims como lo fue en el sims 3 no me gusta que se vayan y no poder ver donde estan o tal vez estudiar en casa como algunas personas hacen en el mundo real o peliculas. Tambien cambiar el color de la ropa de los sims ya que en el 4 no sea podido igual que el color de la piel solo hay ciertos colores y no se puede poner el que yo quiera eso es un poco molesto. Ademas me gustaria que todos los trabajos que han existido en los otros juegos aparecieran hay algunos que yo deseo poder jugar.

  • Desearia que los ladrones volvieran a aparecer de nuevo a robar en casas es una lastima que ya no aparecen era interesante ver eso como entraban y todo lo que sucedia. Solo espero que no quiten el sotano. Que pongan mas festividades. Si van de vacaciones al mar que puedan bucear, sorfiar hasta viajar en barco y submarino. Hacer alpinismo, toda clase de actividades que se hacen hasta viajar en avion.

  • Me encantaria que TS 5 tuvieran todos los instrumentos musicales que existen, igual que los tipos de deportes, manualidades y otros que existen.

  • I really think we need to stop here and that just be it.
    The Sims 4 is a perfect platform, I often find that a lot of the complaints for it are very unjust and attention seek.
    Open World didn’t work out for a reason, The Sims 3 is a GLOWING example as to of why, not only did it mess with a ton of the gameplay and how The Sims is supposed to be played, but just one interaction across town that had a bug in it could potentially spell disaster for a save file.

    I think since The Sims 4 is so well balanced, so nicely put together, & offers a stable platform for modders, gameplayers, & everything else, there’s really zero need.
    This game is the best that The Sims has looked in a very long time. After all, we just got full 64-bit support and we’re making that the push.
    This could allow EA to expand The Sims 4, work out some bugs, and maybe work out and fix a lot of things that people wanna see done as it stands. The Sims 4 just needs some tweaks and it’d be good for a very long time.

    As to the people who cry and moan about a new game, just zip it.
    We just got new packs for crying out loud, the game is doing better than it ever has, & there’s even more room for expansion.
    If Open World gameplay is so important for you, you’ve got The Sims 3.

  • Hi I think you should have pets and snow and rain all in the game Sims 5 because that will give a lot more people want the game because they know it’s fun and we don’t have to bye extensions or packs.